10 Easy to Follow Tips to Beat Stress


Aug 24, 2012
Being stressed for a long period of time can turn very dangerous. It effects us physically psychologically and emotionally. Do not confuse fatigue or ill temper with stress, there are certain symptoms that you must note to know that you are stressed. Frequent mood swings Insomnia Poor concentration Inability to complete tasks Hyper tension Panic attacks Depression Feeling dejected Suicidal thoughts If you are feeling some of these, you could be stressed. Try these 10 stress management tips on your own to relieve stress. 1. Identify the source of your stress. You cannot deal with stress with out knowing the exact reason for it. It could be overwork, insecurities, financial issues, family problems, exam, etc. that is effecting you. 2. Remember this golden rule, “you cannot please everyone, even God can’t” so, learn to say ‘NO’. 3. Express your feelings to others, if not everyone then at least one family member or a trusted friend whom you can make your confidant, talk to him/her about your problems and emotional state of mind. Don’t expect solutions, just a patient hearing is what you need. 4. One of the most effective stress management tips is to face the situation that is stressing you out. Do not avoid it. The situation is not causing the stress, you not being able to handle it is the cause of all this distress. 5. Do time management. Stressed people keep wishing for more than 24 hours in a day, well there is sometime for that to happen, so how about a customized time table that will fit in all that you have to do, and give you some leisure time as well? 6. Pick up an activity that you always wanted to do, but never had the time. It could be anything like gardening or painting or singing or working with an NGO. Start doing things for yourself. 7. Exercise regularly and drink less coffee, this is one of the most basic stress management tips. 8. Eat at regular intervals, this will keep your body energized and fatigue away. Fatigue does lead to stress, so, keep something in your bag to munch on and make sure its healthy. 9. Write something. Not about your stress or problems, that is only to be discussed not written, write something good. About your favorite holiday trip, the first time you met your husband, funny incidents with friends and family, your childhood, anything that brings a smile to you. 10. Play a CD of your favorite music, turn the volume down, take a big cup of cold chocolate milk and your favorite comics; now stretch your legs out and read it. Its called chilling, do it, and make the problems wait.