10 Questions To Ask A Guy To Know If He Is Serious About You


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Oct 18, 2012
So you have been dating for a while and now you have reached that point where you want to know if he is committed to a long term relationship or whether you are a just a placeholder for the next girl. In the words of Tamara from “Awkward” you are looking to DTF (Define The Relationship). This is a list of questions to ask a guy in order to get a sense of what he feels about you. Why me? This tells you what he really thinks about you. Plus it allows you to gauge how honest he is about you. If you are looking for signs on how to tell if a guy likes you then you’ll get an idea of his feelings when he answers this question. Ask him to define the relationship. Is he looking for a girlfriend, are you just having fun together or does he want an open relationship. Do not take the lack of a label as an answer, if he is serious he will want to label your relationship. Where does he see the relationship going? This may sound like a scary question to ask, but a guy who sees a definite future in your relationship is not out to waste your time, he really cares about you. What does he expect of you in the relationship? Do not accept a generic answer. Look for something personal that lets you know his needs. Ask him a few personal questions about yourself This is not to put him on the spot. This is so that you can see how much attention he pays to you and your life. If he does not know your birthday now or your last name, maybe he is not as serious as he says he is. Ask him when he will introduce you to his family. Ask him if he is ready to introduce you to his family and friends and also if he is ready to meet yours. This is a sign of commitment as these people are a significant part of your life and his life. Are there aspects of the relationship he would change? No relationship is perfect. His answer tells you how honest he is and if has assessed the relationship before committing or if this is a rash decision. How do you typically express your love for someone? This may seem obvious, but a relationship that will last a while cannot be sustained by physical gestures. Is he open to new ideas that may be in conflict with his? Knowing whether he is open minded to hear you out will spare you a lot of heartbreak in the future. Does he hold on to resentments? This lets you know if he is willing to forgive your shortcomings or if they will be held over you always. Before you start thinking about cute things to say to your boyfriend make sure he actually feels the same way about you. So ask these questions and find out for yourself! Cupid Mentor is the author of this article on Questions to Ask a Guy. Find more information, about Cute Things to Say To Your Boyfriend here Incoming search terms: how to know if a guy is serious about you