3 Facts About Laser Hair Removal


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Sep 7, 2012
Have you heard about laser hair removal? This popular and effective procedure is designed to reduce the amount of hair you have anywhere on your body, including the legs, arms, chest, back, and face. It has its own sets of guidelines and things to keep in mind, however, including the fact that it takes a few treatments to really see the results you are looking for. Let’s take a look at the top 3 facts to know about laser hair removal. 1. It reduces hair growth. Scottsdale laser hair removal is also referred to as laser hair reduction because it actually reduces hair growth, as opposed to removing it like waxing or shaving. This is done with a pulse laser, which damages the hair follicle at the root. Performed over an expanse of skin like the legs or underarms, hair growth is reduced after a series of treatments to the point where many patients feel as though their hair has been removed; however, it is important to remember that many people respond differently to Scottsdale laser hair removal and may experienced different levels of hair reduction. 2. It is best done more than once. Scottsdale laser hair removal provides the best results when it is performed every few weeks over the period of a few months. This is because it is impossible to target every hair at once; human body hair is constantly in a period of growth and re-growth, working in cycles. At any given time your hair could be in the process of growing, staying put in its follicle, or about to fall out. So, laser hair removal procedures only target the hair still in the follicle and not the ones that have just fallen out. How many procedures you will need to have performed largely depends on your hair growth cycles and how well you respond to treatment, so you should talk to your laser hair technician to see what he or she recommends. 3. Certain people see better results. In general, individuals with light skin and dark hair see the best results from their Scottsdale laser hair removal treatments solely because their skin absorbs more of the light from the laser. They require fewer treatments and see more hair reduction. Despite this, laser technology has advanced to the point where a variety of people of different skin tones and hair colors can benefit from Scottsdale laser hair removal, so talk to a medical professional to see if this treatment is right for you! Here at BodyNew Though there are many options for Scottsdale laser hair removal, the certified and qualified staff at BodyNew will make sure that you receive the best experience possible. Our personalized consultations and expert procedures will set your goals at our highest priority. Call (480) 464-8000 to schedule a consultation today! http://www.bodynewmedspa.com/ Share Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on Orkut share via Reddit Share on identica Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser