3M Clarity Ceramic Braces for Gentle Orthodontics


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Aug 20, 2012
A teeth straightening treatment is one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of a smile. Even without missing teeth problems, a smile that features crooked teeth can look unhealthy and unattractive. Problems with proper teeth function can be the direct result of crooked teeth, which can also lead to difficulties in maintaining good oral hygiene. Orthodontic treatments have the goal of moving teeth into proper alignment, improving both the function and the appearance of a smile. However, not everyone may be keen on going for orthodontics to solve their crooked teeth problems because of the metal parts that make up a dental braces system. Adult patients are often hesitant to go for teeth straightening because of the fear of being embarrassed with a mouth full of metal wires and brackets, courtesy of the orthodontic treatment. The discomfort of having a mouth full of metal parts is another reason why some patients decide against having their teeth straightened. 3M Clarity Ceramic Braces offer a new way to straighten teeth without the bulky, obvious metal parts. This orthodontic system is ideal for adults and teens who wish to have guaranteed teeth straightening results, without the discomfort and embarrassment of metal braces inside their mouths. Teeth straightening is done using tooth-coloured brackets that can barely be seen by others, making the orthodontic treatment a very discreet one. The translucent ceramic used in these braces are designed to seamlessly blend with the rest of the teeth, so that the parts of the braces are virtually invisible to other people. The ceramic braces system from 3M offers a more comfortable way of straightening teeth, with the elimination of rubber ligatures inside the mouth. The rounded edges of the ceramic parts are created so that they will not harm the soft tissues inside the mouth, unlike the metal wires and brackets or conventional dental braces that often cut the soft inner mouth tissue. The ceramic material used in 3M Clarity Ceramic Braces is comparable to the strength of steel, so patients who undergo this orthodontic treatment will not have to constantly worry about damaging the braces with normal daily activities. Another significant improvement from the use of conventional braces is the ceramic braces’ ability to resist staining. Patients can be confident that their teeth will not have unattractive stains left after the completion of this discreet orthodontic treatment, which is a common problem in those who use metal braces. London City Smiles offers the widest choice of general, cosmetic dentistry dental implant treatments at surprisingly affordable prices. We also provide face, skin and lip treatments. Our dentists are specialized in complex dental implant solutions (for missing teeth). If you are searching for a dentist using the keywords, dentist Islington or dental implants London, visit http://www.londoncitysmiles.com today.