4 Food & Drinks that Are Beneficial for Teeth Whitening


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Aug 24, 2012
Did you know that it takes more than just brushing to maintain healthy white teeth? It is equally as important to have a healthy diet. For example, it is important to avoid food such as sports drinks and chips. In this article, we have a look at 4 food and drinks that actually have beneficial effects for your teeth. Although you may not see any noticeable difference in the short term, it will be hugely benefit for the long term by maintaining proper oral health. The most important thing to have is water, especially during a meal. Water helps you wash off any loose food debris that is stuck in your teeth gaps. It also washes off a bit of stain that is about to settle on your teeth surface. Of course, water is obviously also important for body hydration purposes. You should aim to drink at least eight to twelve cups of water a day. Another important food for teeth whitening purposes are pineapples. Although they do not contain nutrients that directly influences the color of your teeth, pineapples are best known for their anti-inflammatory functions. This is extremely important for your gum tissues. For example, if your gum tissues contract bacteria or viruses, the nutrients found in pineapples can temporarily nullify the threats or get rid of them altogether. If you can, try and have some fresh pineapple at least once a week. During the summer, you can enjoy pineapples even more by freezing pieces in the refrigerator. The third food that will benefit your dental health immensely is basil. Not everyone enjoys having basil leaves in their food because of their distinct smell and scent, but basil is well known for being a natural antibiotic. Instead of having to stuff medication pills down your throat, you can use basil as a natural hunter of bacteria and viruses in your mouth. Instead of consuming it with dishes, you can also use it as a natural toothpaste. Some people like to grind basil leaves and mix it with water in order to form a paste. They can then use the paste as toothpaste and give their teeth a proper washing. If you hate basil altogether, there are many other food that act as natural antibiotic such as garlic, honey, and coconut oil. Last in the list are crunchy fruits and vegetables. It’s not necessarily the nutrients that benefit the teeth, it’s the crunch texture of these fruits and vegetables that help you reduce the amount of stains that appear on your teeth surface. Crunchy fruits such as apple act like natural teeth scrapers. It helps you get rid of some of the stains that have already settled on your teeth. You may already have heard this but an apple a day keeps the doctor away. One can easily replace that with, an apple a day keeps the stains away. By integrating the four above food and drinks in your diet, you are more likely to see quicker progress with your teeth whitening procedures. Do note that the color of your teeth does not change overnight. You have to maintain and be persistent with your dental and eating habits.