5 Reasons Why Marriage is Not That Good


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Aug 22, 2012
It’s well known that most non-married people are healthier than those who are. During 8 year research it was discovered that people who remarried had more heart problems than those who never married at all. Body
Singles train and go to gym more often than those in marriages. It’s probably because it’s hard to find any time while in a marriage. Friends
Have you ever noticed that after you find a new lover you spend less time with your friends? Well, when you are married your best friend becomes your wife or husband. Clear thinking
People who tend to stay unmarried handle their break-ups a lot better than those who desperately wants to get married. Trying to make it work is good but sometimes it just doesn’t. Seclusion
Seclusion when it is a goal is a positive thing and has a link to freedom, creativity, intimacy and spirituality.