9 Foods Essential for Bone Health


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Sep 6, 2012
Be it brittleness or joint pain, Bones are known to become weak due to the lack of calcium and Vitamin with age especially in women. While medications are a faster way to inject the required amount of vitamins and calcium back to the bones, it comes with a lot of side effects that are difficult to handle.  However, if we customize our daily diet in such a way that it provides the required amount of vitamin D and calcium that keeps our bones healthy we can stay away from these harmful medications. Here is a list of foods immensely rich in Vitamin D and Calcium but devoid of trans fats and harmful fatty acids. Take a look. Milk Why do you think milk is the only infant food? Because, it structures the human child into a strong being by providing strength and rigidity to the somewhat soft bones and cartilages, it is a direct source of calcium. However, you need to choose the one which is fat free. Also, you can be doubly benefitted if you opt for packaged milk with Vitamin D. Cheese A mere 1.5 ounces of cheese is more than sufficient for your daily dose of calcium. Consuming excess amount of cheese will only add up to your weight and thus lead to joint pain. Sardines These small fish often stored in cans and packages are a delicious way to consume the perfect amount of calcium and vitamin D.  Sardines contain high levels of calcium and vitamin D and can be eaten as pastas or salads. Though a bit odd to look at, sardines are quite tasty to consume. Salmon Besides providing an appreciable amount of omega 3 fatty acids, the salmon is rich in vitamin D. It provides more than 100 percent vitamin D required for the body as daily diet. Spinach If you are not exactly a fan of dairy products then the green leafy veggie could be your favorite substitute for supply of calcium. When cooked, a cup of spinach can provide 25 percent of calcium required for daily diet. Plus, the green veggie is also rich in iron, fiber and vitamin A. Tuna Fish A delicious way to getting your calcium, cooked Tuna are a great source of Vitamin D. They are rich in both vitamin d and calcium. Since they are low calorie and contain no trans fats, they are suitable sources of calcium to patients with cardiac conditions. Collard Greens This green, leaf veggie besides being a dependable source of vitamin A, fibers and various minerals can be cooked to provide an excellent meal rich in calcium. Whether as salads or curries, the green collard, if taken as regular part of your diet provides more than 25 percent of the required calcium intake. Orange Juice Freshly squeezed orange juice is definitely not a direct source of vitamin D and calcium but can be easily fortified to contain them. The ascorbic acid present in the juice proves beneficial in absorption of calcium so that you can make most out of this drink. Food Supplements Supplements like Flex Protex and Flex Protex D are excellent substitutes if there is an immediate need for calcium intake for joint pain and inflammation patients. Be careful to take courses only based upon the prescription.  On the other hand, too much calcium can also lead to brittleness of the bone and thus result in the breaking of joints. About Author Flex Harvey is a fitness freak who loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Besides himself following a healthy regime, he inspires others too to stay fit and healthy. He is very particular about the health of his joints and uses joint health supplements like Flex Protex and Flex Protex D to maintain strong bones, flexible cartilages and healthy joints. Flex says, a healthy body is the index of a healthy mind, and these health supplements help pave your way to your ideal fitness.