About Gynecomastia and its treatments


Jun 7, 2013
Gynecomastia is a condition that affects many men throughout the world. Read on to learn more about it. Gynecomastia is a condition that affects many men throughout the world. The term is derived from a Greek word meaning “woman-like breasts”. Men who are affected with Gynecomastia generally have enlarged, “womanly” breasts that are caused by excess fatty and glandular tissues in the breast area. The condition, which is commonly referred to by many as having “man boobs”, is considered by many to be linked to certain drugs or other medical problems, however no connection has ever been found. Gynecomastia is a surprisingly common condition and affects an estimated 40-60% of men. The condition can affect either one or both breasts.Gynecomastia can lead to depression and low self-esteem for many men who are self-conscious about their appearance. Although the condition is common in men, those affected by this condition can still tend to feel different from other men and generally tend to carry an outcast feeling since they feel inferior to others. For those looking to fix this condition, there are many forms of treatments available. Gynecomastia surgery and breast reduction for men is an extremely common plastic surgery and carries few risks. This is an option which may be pursued for those who are very conscious of their appearance. Although the exact causes of Gynecomastia are unknown, several factors have been considered as lending themselves to the development of this common condition. Some drugs may cause excess fatty and glandular tissue development in the breasts, however studies into this have been inconclusive. Other factors that are known to be contributors to Gynecomastia are numerous. One of the most common comes simply with puberty where all adolescent males do experience some breast enlargement, although usually it is only temporary. The enlargement will usually begin to recede later in puberty however sometimes it can persist later into life. Aging and obesity are two other common factors. With aging comes the decreased production of male hormones and this can lend a hand into enlarged breasts in males. Obesity is an obvious lender since the excess fat that comes with obesity can many times find a place in the breasts and it is generally very hard to work off. These are the most common factors that can lend into the development of Gynecomastia. For more information on Gynecomastia, its causes, potential treatments and more useful stuff, visit our site – http://www.gynecomastia-cure.com/ Resources:
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