About HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment


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Oct 23, 2012
Before telling you about HIFU, let us inform you about the prostate cancer scenario in the United Sates. Statistics suggest that in the US, prostate cancer is the most common variety of non-skin cancer. One out of every six men develops this disease at some point of time in their lives. It has been predicted that the year 2014 will see over 233,000 men to be diagnosed with this deadly condition. In addition, a prediction also suggests that the current year will witness death of over 29,000 men due to prostate cancer. According to a recently conducted survey, right now America has over 2.5 million men who have prostate cancer. All these facts prove how important it is to have a proper treatment for this form of cancer. hifu or high intensity focused ultrasound is probably the most effective treatment a prostate cancer patient can undergo. Read on to know more about the procedure. Researchers and doctors around the globe are continuously looking for safer and more effective treatments for prostate cancer. HIFU is one such treatment. According to HIFU doctors, this treatment procedure has the potential of replacing all the other cancer treatment types that are known to cause debilitating side effects. As the name of the process suggests, during HIFU, a HIFU doctor kills the cancer cells by directing high frequency sound waves onto the malignant tumors. The process will show best results if carried out by an experienced and qualified HIFU practitioner. When used for treating prostate cancer, the ultrasound probe gets inserted inside the patient’s rectum so that the sound waves get aimed accurately at his prostate. The other common treatments for this form of cancer, for instance radiotherapy and prostatectomy, may soon be replaced by high intensity focused ultrasound, due to its ability of treating the condition without resulting in any negative side effect. The United States is home to a number of international HIFU centers that are served by top HIFU practitioners of the country. So, one would not need to invest much time to find out the palace where he can get this special treatment. Why HIFU doesn’t cause any harmful side effect like other cancer treatments we know about? High intensity focused ultrasound when applied to the cancerous tumors only destroy the diseased cells. It does not harm any adjacent cell that is yet to be attacked by the condition. As a result, the healthy tissues and organs of the patient keep on functioning in a healthy manner. Author bio: This article is written by a HIFU doctor working at a well known HIFU clinic of Florida, United States. To date, he has helped many men to recover from prostate cancer.