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Oct 24, 2012
NIFT offers a variety of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in fashion and design. Bachelor Degree courses B. Des. in Fashion Design B. Des. in Leather Design B. Des. in Accessory Design B. Des. in Textile Design B. Des. in Fashion Communication B F.Tech Apparel Production Master Degree courses Master of Design Master of Fashion Management Master of Fashion Technology B. Des. In Fashion Design A holistic input on generic design with more focused approach towards apparel inculcates the ability to develop and channelise creativity. The Fashion Design specialisation offered by the Department of Fashion Apparel hones design sensitisation, which balances global fashion aesthetics with an Indian soul. Some of the key elements which the student will learn through this course are: Students will be introduced to various aspects of Fashion Design education through subjects like Fashion Illustration and Design, Fashion Studies, Elements of Textiles, Surface Development Techniques and History of Costumes. These subjects will form the base for further learning. Pattern Making and Garment Construction are taught so that the students learn the technical aspects of fashion design An industry internship during third year is an invaluable experience for students to interact with the industry The final year focuses on chosen specialisations and electives (womens wear, kids wear, menswear etc) At the end of the course, students present their collections in the degree fashion show B. Des. In Leather Design Leather Design caters to the requirements of the leather industry both in terms of goods and apparel. The programme offered by the Department of Fashion Apparel emphasises on the integration of design concepts in leather apparel and products with material knowledge to respond to the requirements of specific target markets. The students learn the following elements: Understanding of leather and non-leather materials, development of design skills and product development concepts To develop technical skills, students are taught subjects like Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making and Construction, Leather Processing, Surface Techniques, Field Studies, Computer Applications Knowledge of merchandising, marketing and promotions are also given The final semester challenges the student to take up a graduation project with an industry sponsor and create a collection of products B. Des. In Accessory Design Accessory Design offered by Department of Fashion Lifestyle Accessories is one of its kind in the country. It has a well-defined curriculum for developing integrated expertise in design methodology, materials and production process, consumer behavior and market dynamics, trends and forecast interpretations, business practices and project management in the field of fashion and lifestyle accessories. Key features of the course are: Development of skills and understanding of materials manipulation, construction principles, principles of sizes and proportions, and various elements of design with respect to 3D development Ability to follow steps of design process, which integrates technical complexities and fashion influences, to create design with functionality and aesthetics Development of professional competency to execute design development projects within a business context. B. Des. In Textile Design Textile Design forms the core of the whole business of fashion. The rapidly expanding activities in the export and domestic sectors of the Indian apparel and home fashion industry demands professional inputs in design and development of textiles and raw material, which is responsible for 60-80% of the cost of the product. The course covers the following aspects: Students are introduced to textile technology like weaving, printing, embroidery and dyeing Field visits and internship with textile mills, printing units and other processing houses allow students to get industry exposure Knowledge of graphic software and its usage for image creation Other areas of study are Quality Analysis Assurance, CAD Weave Design, Print Design and Marketing Merchandising Working with the industry and designing a collection of design textiles (home or apparel) is the final stage of the course B. Des. In Knitwear Design Knitwear Design is emerging as a growth area in the new world order. The Knitwear Design specialisation offered by Department of Fashion Textiles is structured keeping in view the future requirements of the Indian knitting industry. The students gain knowledge on the following domain: Students are introduced to Fashion Art Illustration, Hand Knitting. Textile Science, Processing Knitting Technology Students are given technical skills through subjects like Pattern Making, Draping Construction, Computerised Knitting, Product Realisation, Merchandising Marketing and Advanced Knitting Technology Students can choose their field of specialisation (womens wear, kids wear, mens wear, lingerie etc) and take up the electives as required In the final Graduation project, students work with the industry to come up with their “design collection” B. Des. In Fashion Communication Fashion Communication is one of the newest, most exciting avenues to open up in the fashion and lifestyle industry. With the multitude of domestic and international brands, companies and designers exploding into the Indian retail scenario, it has become essential for each of them to develop a unique brand identity, and maximize its visibility. A fashion communicator is responsible for sending a brand’s message to the intended audience. Main features of the course are: Subjects like Fashion Studies, History and Philosophy of Design, Communication Concepts Processes, Writing Skills, Consumer Behavior in Fashion, Computer Application, Graphic Design to form the foundation Students explore craft clusters in the interior states of India to understand the richness and the needs of the craft sector A student can choose from areas of specialization like fashion journalism, fashion styling, fashion photography, visual merchandising etc B F.Tech Apparel Production The programme offered by the Department of Fashion Technology is designed to train students in the core garment manufacturing technology. With emphasis on best practices in Apparel Production coupled with understanding and application of Information Technology, the programme prepares professionals who are capable to significantly contribute to the fashion technology domain of the industry. The course features are: The students are made aware of theories, concepts and processes that help them to correlate design, management and technology for fashion industry They are given knowledge of fabric properties, manufacturing process and machinery, statistical tools, software related to apparel industry, production planning, and construction of garments Students gain practical knowledge of fashion supply chain and IT application through their industry internship Master Of Design The multidisciplinary programme of design aims to encourage design thinking and impart a wider perspective and a broader perception to the thoughts and ideas of tomorrow. The Master programme will have across discipline students who are able to work beyond boundaries and bring together their skills and ideas in new exciting ways in the fashion industry. Master of Design covers the following features: Students are taught subjects like Design in context of Fashion, Design Methods, Sociology, Psychology Ethics in Fashion, Language of Design Fashion, Fashion Law – IPR and Principles Methods of Design Research, which prepare them for integrities of design applications The employment opportunities include trend predicting and forecasting, fashion styling, design and management of fashion brands, etc. The graduates will be able to make contributions in research and development through their work in Government and private agencies. Master Of Fashion Management The objective of the two year Master Programme in Fashion Management that started in 1987 is to develop managerial skills in the field of fashion marketing, merchandising and retailing best suited to the requirements of the garment export and fashion retail sectors. The course prepares the student to manage the whole process of fashion business. Main features of the course are: The key subject areas covered are Marketing Research Consumer Behavior, Global Textiles Apparel Product Market Characteristics, Retail Management and Advanced Export Merchandising, Quantitative Techniques Operations Research and Management Accounting The course leads the way to various designations like Marketing Head, Fashion Merchandiser, Brand Manager, Buyer, Product Development, Retail Manager etc They are recruited by fashion leaders like Adidas Group, Aditya Birla Group, American Pacific Enterprises, Arthur Anderson, Arvind Mills, Ashima Group, Benetton, Blackberrys, Busana Apparel Group, Calvin Klein, Carrefour, ColorPlus, Francis Wacziang Pvt. Ltd., GAP India, Givo, Indian Terrain Clothing pvt. Ltd., ITC Wills etc Master Of Fashion Technology This is one of the most important fields of fashion, the technology behind fashion. The two year master programme in Fashion Technology is designed to to motivate and facilitate students to excel in understanding and integrating the areas of technology and management for apparel manufacturing and develop capability to offer ‘strategic solutions’. The course covers the following elements: All the technology behind the manufacturing of the garment are taught to the students Various areas of study include Apparel Technology, Fabric Study, Overview of Global Fashion Industry, Pattern Engineering, Quantitative Techniques Research Methodology, Cost Analysis, and Apparel Quality Management Students are encouraged to being actively involve with the industry for practical knowledge through internships The program opens avenues for the students to take various positions in a garment or textile company; like Apparel Technology Manager, Industrial Engineer, Quality Manager, Production Manager, Research Development and Consultant in the global fashion industry Contact us Corporate Office: Delhi Centre: Academy of Fashion Design,
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