Adding Numbers is Easy Using an Addition Table


Sep 17, 2012
Learning Addition before Other Forms of Arithmetic is optimal. Children from very early ages learn addition. We first teach them their age by counting on their fingers. From there they learn from examples. How many apples are in the fruit basket? At this time in development, children have made the connection of counting to visual objects, and to a degree to abstract ideas like age. Counting is a natural precursor to addition. What does Counting have to do with Addition Table? The following facts forge the relationship between counting, and Addition Table: An Addition Table provides a visual representation of adding numbers. Learn addition before subtraction because it is a more natural step from counting. Multiplication is mathematical shorthand for addition it is not a good candidate to learn first. Division is the reciprocal of multiplication so it is not a good candidate to learn first. Use this Addition Table, also known as an Addition Chart, as a Reference. Interactive Addition Table