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Oct 23, 2012
Not only can granny flats add more room to your place but they also help in enhancing the overall look of your house. Granny flats are also known as accessory dwelling or secondary suits and they can be used for a variety of purposes. They are not only meant to give you enough space to accommodate a dependant relative they can also be used for nannies or as added living space. Granny flats can be built in various forms, such as a carriage house, garage apartment, or an upstairs apartment. They are living units with separate entrances and because they are so convenient, they are becoming popular by the day. The main advantage of extensions in Melbourne and building a granny flat is that you can keep your loved ones close to you. Elders know that they might not be in the best of health but giving them a space of their own helps them feel autonomous.. Building a granny flat for them will allow them to have their own space while they are still living with you. This will allow you to visit them more often and in this way you can check in on them anytime to see how they are doing and whether or not they need anything. The second advantage of adding a granny flat to your designer home is that you can earn extra cash from it. If you don’t have a dependant relative living with you then you can rent out this space and enjoy the extra cash. As mentioned earlier, granny flats are not only for the elderly people of your family. You can even renovate this space to give your teenagers their own space where they can hang out with friends or study. You can turn this space into a game room or a movie room with surround sound. Imagine how much your guests will love it. Having a granny flat in your house will also increase the resale value of your house because who doesn’t like extra space in their house. If you are a kind of person who entertains a lot of guests and likes holding parties at your place, a granny flat will provide you with an ideal space for that. There is no limit to the ideas that you can come up to utilize this space. Another advantage of having a granny flat is that the maintenance and utilities of a small place will be much less than the large designer home. So if you have a small family unit or an elderly couple who wants to cut costs, you can move out of your large house into the granny flat. This will not only allow you to contain your expenses but you can even rent out your house and forget about financial problems. Granny flats are a perfect answer for singles, young couples and aging parent or grandparents. Whether you want to build one in your designer home or you plan to rent one out, there is no end to t he advantages that you can get from them. For more information about Sustainable Homes, Designer Homes, Granny Flats, Architectural Homes, Kit Homes Melbourne, Prefab Homes Victoria, etc. Visit us at