Advantages of Teeth Whitening


Oct 19, 2012
The beauty of a smile is greatly affected by the brightness of teeth, which makes the smile attractive and healthy-looking. The opposite is true as well – stained and discoloured teeth easily make the smile unattractive. People who have dark-coloured teeth have the tendency to look much older than their real age, because dark teeth are easily associated with older individuals. In addition, stains on the surface of teeth can lead to tooth decay and other dental problems if these discolourations are not removed soon enough. Teeth stains and discolourations caused by any of the following: poor oral hygiene, old age, smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products, and heavy drinking of teeth staining beverages such as soda or tea. Avoiding these risk factors can minimise the development of stains and discolourations on the surface of teeth. Teeth whitening treatments effectively remove the stains and discolourations on the surface of teeth. The stain removal results in a smile that looks much healthier, and more attractive. Tooth whitening can be done in-office under the supervision of a dentist, with treatments now offering visible teeth shade improvements in a span of an hour’s time. Take-home teeth whitening trays from the dentist can be used to whiten the teeth in the comfort and convenience of being in one’s own home, and can show visible improvements in a few weeks of treatment time. Teeth Whitening Advantages Aesthetic Improvement – Whitening the teeth dramatically brightens the smile, and lights up the whole face. The removal of teeth discolourations can instantly make a person look much younger and more attractive. The smile also looks a lot healthier when it features teeth that are bright and polished-looking. Oral Health Improvement – Stains on the surface of teeth can lead to the development of tooth decay, tartar buildup, and gum problems. Removing these stains with the use of teeth whitening treatments prevents the development of dental problems, and leads to the overall improvement of oral health. Boost of Self Confidence – Stained teeth can decrease a person’s confidence level. A person who has stained teeth may find it challenging to smile widely, because of the knowledge that his or her teeth do not look bright and healthy enough to show to other people. A teeth whitening treatment removes teeth discolourations and brings back the healthy appearance of a smile, bringing a much-needed self confidence boost. This confidence can improve a person’s personal and professional interactions with other people. Kensington Dental Practice offers latest treatments in dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, anti-wrinkle treatments dermal fillers. Our treatments include Invisalign, orthodontics, ceramic crowns inlays, sedation for nervous patients. If you are searching for a dental practice using the keywords dentist London or Botox Kensington, visit us at