All about Cancer in the Bladder


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Aug 29, 2012
The development of cancer in the bladder occurs when there’s an overgrowth of cells. In fact this generally happens around the lining. This can be observed both in males and females and is not restricted to a particular gender. Moreover, if you are already suffering from cervical/urethral cancer, then there’s a high likelihood of getting affected with bladder cancer as well. Of course the bladder is a place where urine gets stored which is later released out of our body, so one of the first symptoms one might notice can be found below: Pelvic pain might be noticed during urination. One might also see traces of blood while passing out urine. You might also notice a strong desire to urinate, but only find yourself unsuccessful in your attempt. These are some of the first indications you need to take a test to find out whether it’s due to cancer or another issue. There are three main types of cancer in the bladder: – Transitional cell carcinoma is the most typical type as it affects most people. This is because the bladder’s inner lining is comprised of transitional cells, which of course as the name indicates can later their size to suit the bladder expansion. – The second kind is the squamous cell cancer. This occurs when one observes a long infection in the bladder. – And the third type is the most severe which affects every bladder tissue. So in effect it can swiftly spread to various body parts. So in effect the treatment procedure is personalized according to a specific case. Some of the most widely used forms of treatment to deal with this condition are in fact radiation, immunotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy, although surgery is generally prevented. Recent studies and research has shown that smoking may also lead to this type of cancer and not just the most associated lung cancer. So no wonder some research also has indicated that people who work in places which contain similar elements associated with cigar smoke can also lead to this cancer. So, people with jobs in rubber and leather industry, bus or truck drivers, mechanics and other such professions are at a bigger risk. Some reports also indicate that the usage of artificial sweeteners may also lead to the cancer in the bladder. One of the most recommended diets to reduce the chance of this cancer is taking fruits and fresh vegetables such as cauliflowers and carrots. Get to know more cancer in the bladder and the various types of treatments available to deal with this condition from some of the best urologists in the city. Read more,