All you need to know about dental crowns and bridges


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Sep 13, 2012
What are Dental crowns and tooth bridges: Dental crowns and tooth bridges are used to replace a lost teeth. Both are fixed prosthetic devices that cannot be taken out for the purpose of daily cleaning unlike dentures. Dental crowns and bridges are cemented onto the existing teeth or implants and cannot be removed only by a dentist. Why do you need a Dental Crown or tooth bridges? Generally  dental crown is needed for the reasons given below: If your tooth is weak for any reason, it is prone to the damage or breakage. Dental crown may help in guarding your tooth. If your tooth is already broken or worn, dental crown is all you need Incase after any dental treatment, not much of enamel or tooth is left, a dental crown will Discolored teeth can easily be covered by a dental crown. Dental Implant coverage For any other cosmetic modification If you are missing one or more teeth, a bridge is  recommended. Gaps between the teeth require brides. Bridges span the gap between the teeths. What is the procedure? Crowns or bridges are made after a tooth or teeth has been adjusted/reduced into a shape and size on which they can fir. The dentist will take the impression to get the desired mold for the dental crown or tooth bridges. A dentist may use temporary or a permanent crown or bridge. The temporary crown or bridge is put in place till the time permanent crown or bridge is being made. The permanent crown or bridge will be made using the material your dentist recommends. The material generally used for the manufacturing of a dental bridge or crown is Stainless steel, gold alloy or other metals, Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns, All-ceramic or all-porcelain, Zirconia or milled crown, All-resin dental crowns. How long do Dental Bridges or Crown last Dental Bridges or crowns may last for a lifetime. Sometimes they may get loose or fall out but they can be easily refixed by the dentist. Oral hygiene is the key to increase longevity of the crown. Preventing teeth from decay goes a long way in keeping the bridge intact. Brush and floss daily. Avoid chewing hard food, too hot or cold stuff to protect the newly positioned crown. On the top of all, never forget to see your dentist for regular check ups and cleaning. For best dental crown or tooth brides treatment or to ask a dentist, please visit our website: