Amazing Tips and Tricks to get Microsoft Dot Net Jobs


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Aug 20, 2012
This article is for people who is going to start their career in Microsoft .Net and willing to start their career in this platform. The following are steps/ measures to create a healthy career in .Net platform. First know the History evolution of .Net, analyze it’s impact that it created in software market, the adavantages of using this technology etc. It’ll be also good to know the drawbacks of previous languages / methods that paid the way for .Net . Accquire enough knowledge about the .Net technology and keep yourself updated. It doesn’t matter whether you are in job or seeking for. Use Internet for the above mentioned method it’s the best way to for your queries. Collect FAQ’s for C#, .Net,, for updating yourself about the technology to crack the interview for job seekers. Examine yourself on the knowledge that you have on that technology prepare yourself based on that. Make a rough note while preparing for future reference. If you have gained enough knowledge to appear for an interview, the next step is the presentation. You must present yourself in such a way that it must impress the interviewer. Analyze a lot about the organization  your going for interview and what they need from you for their job. This will lead to a good impact on you while in interview. As like other programming languages give equal importance to both Theory and Practical concepts. One must be strong enough in these both to crack an interview or sustain his/her present job. Practice a lot using the necessary tools which are available in internet to make yourself technically sound. Since .Net is a OOP model prepare well on those concepts as they form the basis of this technology. Have a basic and simple example to demonstrate all those.  So that it’ll create a good impression on you during interview. There are many online tutorials to help you to learn the concepts. You can also find many FAQ’s for interview and also messages from people who have attended the .NET interview earlier. Read those messages so that you can avoid those mistakes in near future. During interview be bold enough to exhibit your technical strength to indicate that you are well suited for the job you applied for. ALL THE BEST for those who are learning .NET preparing for interview. For .Net Jobs and other Jobs Please have look at below website .Net Jobs and Free Job Posting Site Incoming search terms: dot net tricks amazing net interview microsoft dot net net amazing tips