An Insight into Prostrate Cancer


Oct 1, 2012
The word cancer itself brings so much fear to our minds that we dread the disease and wish that none of us fall victim to it. Prostate cancer is one of the most widespread cancers that affect only men particularly over the age of 50 years. In most cases this begins in the cells of the prostate gland and is termed as adenocarcinoma. The flip side is that this form of cancer is not extremely progressive and many elderly men die of it without even being aware that they are victims to it! People who have a family history of cancer and elderly men are more at risk of becoming victims to the disease. The disease starts with minute changes in the form and dimension of the gland cells of the prostrate. Once the doctor diagnoses the patient has cancer, the next step is to find out the stage of the cancer and the treatment required to cure it. It is absolutely important to check out whether the cancer cells have spread out beyond the prostrate or is it just limited to it only. One can confirm whether you are a victim of the disease by testing the PSA level. PSA is a kind of protein that is manufactured in the prostate gland to liquefy semen and is extremely helpful in sperm mobility. A high PSA level implies that you may be tested positive for cancer in the prostrate. The indications of the disease include more frequency in passing urine in most patients, sometimes passing urine may turn out to be painful, and they may also pass blood in the urine. Sexual performance may also decline. If the cancer is at its final stage you may experience difficulty to control urination, pain in the pelvic bones and ribs and weakening of the legs. Like all other cancers, the usual prostate cancer treatment includes surgery, chemo therapy and radiation that may cure the person completely if he happens to be in the earlier stage of the disease. Radical prostatectomy is the medical name of the surgery that is usually performed in order to get rid of the cancerous cells in the prostate gland. Doctors usually advice laparoscopy or robotic surgery techniques for this. But on the whole, prostate cancer is not really life threatening compared to other forms of cancer, provided it is detected early and treatment is started immediately. Kansas City Physicians can provide you with the best care and prostate cancer treatment. Know more about them at and