An introduction to kombucha tea, culture and benefits


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Aug 20, 2012
Known for over 2.000 years, kombucha culture has been used in combination with fermented tea, sweeteners and several other natural flavors. This therapeutic product was proved to help with internal detoxification, bringing a wide range of health benefits. If you want to try it, you must first get familiarized with the standard kombucha recipe. Read on for more information. A little bit sparkling, with a sweet-sour flavor, the fermented mixture feels like something between champagne and apple cider. As already suggested, the final cocktail is influenced by the ingredients you decide to add. Yet let us begin with the most important aspects, which include getting to know a little bit more about kombucha. This culture of bacteria is said to look a lot like rubbery pancake, while its name is more than expressive: SCOBY. This term defines a combination of yeasts and bacteria that constantly grows. When put in between tea leafs – be it green or black tea, its activity becomes even more intense. Obtaining minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other important nutrients from those microscopic organisms is part of the traditional kombucha recipe. And ingesting those nutrients will bring tremendous benefits to one’s organism. Just to name a few of the most relevant kombucha benefits, we can mention the overall detoxification, the improvements of the digestive function, the reduced blood pressure and internal inflammation or the energy boost. Gradually starting to drink from 4 ounces to 16 ounces of this tea each day will help you regain your vitality. Here is what combination you can try at first. You are going to need a cup of sugar, one SCOBY, 6 bags of tea leaf, one cup of the starter liquid, some water (ideally bottled or purified), the brewing vessel, a tea kettle, some cloth cover and a rubber band. Once you have all these, start boiling four cups of water and put it together with the tea bags into the brewing vessel. After approximately 7 minutes, you can take out the tea and add sugar by stirring into it until it completely dissolves. Add purified water into the vessel by only leaving 2 inches up to the top. Then add the starter liquid and the SCOBY. Seal everything with the cloth cover and the rubber band and let it sit for 7 days in a warm place, hidden by the direct sun rays. After one week of fermentation you can taste the liquid. If it seems too sweet you can let it a few extra days, yet if it seems too tart you can diminish the time frame for your next culture. If you want to experience even more kombucha benefits, feel free to enrich this recipe with extra flavors such as strawberries, ginger or lemon. Just make sure that you add the flavored ingredients in the end, after the culture has already fermented and you have obtained your magic drink. No matter what internal imbalances you are dealing with, even the simplest kombucha recipe can bring you a tremendous relief. Start gathering even more information about kombucha right now.