App Development Process for your Customized Mobile Apps


Aug 22, 2012
When you are in need of a customized mobile application for your business, you don’t have to start coding yourself. There are thousands of mobile application companies or services that are offering amazing customized applications. Most app developers UK follow set development processes, which distinguish them from the other app developers from various countries. A typical app development process comprises the stages such as Planning, Design, Development, QA or Quality Assurance, Release, and Marketing Consultancy. Every customer has different requirements and app development companies try their best to adapt to these demands. Offering bespoke mobile solutions that suit the customer’s needs is the primary goal of most app development companies in the UK. In the Planning phase of the app development, the app development company will explore the scope and potential of your envisioned app. They will also ascertain the role that the app will play and what they can do to enhance it. Some of the sub stages of the Planning phase are UX scoping, market analysis, defining strategic objectives, app proposition, checking the mobile roadmap and considering the commercialization options. There are many challenges that are poised at the Planning phase for the blackberry app developer, but good app developers would not have a problem at all. Good app developers would consider all possibilities and then start with the design of the mobile app. In the design phase, the architecture and character is created for your solution by the use of user journeys, UX, and custom interface designs. After the Design phase, the Development phase follows. During this phase, the actual app is developed according to the specifications and the designs that are laid down during the Design phase. In this phase, best practices are used to ensure optimal performance and security. In the iPad app development, the development time may be extended to make sure that compatibility issues are not seen. During the Quality Assurance phase, the custom mobile application will be tested by using standard QA strategies. Bugs are logged and fixed during this phase of mobile app development. As a customer, you will have complete access to the bugs that are logged during the testing. If you don’t want the testing to be done by the mobile app development company, then you can hire a special QA vendor for the testing purposes. You will have to keep in mind that such decisions may cost you a bit more since you are involving two vendors for the mobile app development. Once the app is released, you will have the opportunity to check it. This can be done by a special group or it can be done by yourself. Once you are completely satisfied by the mobile app, you can consider the project to be complete. Now that you have the app ready, you may want to deploy it to your internal or external customers. When you are deploying the mobile app to your internal customers, you may want to take the initial feedback. This feedback is very important if you want to make any future updates to the mobile app. BlueStorm Soutions is a app developers uk specializing in Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian, ipad app development etc.