Are healthy kids allowed to skip vaccination?


Aug 23, 2012
Preventing a disease from occurrence through vaccination is a successful method now with a group of dreadful diseases at their lowest levels as compared to their times of occurrence. Some diseases that are a rare scene due to vaccination include Polio, Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps, Tuberculosis and more. Vaccinations are basically injections of inactivated microorganisms into human body that help prevent an infectious disease. The effectiveness though on a record been to 90%-95%, a part of it also depends on the immune system of a person which varies with every single individual. Our bodies are in a delicate state when in the first 6 years of lives as the organs are in a developing stage. So the immunity is weak too. This is the time when we need utmost protection against the words viruses and infections. So vaccination is the angel. It is recommended for all by the Government of India. It is to be noted that one cannot judge the reaction of person to a disease merely by the state of health. Yes healthy people are always in a better state to give a fight in times of an exposure to a disease but you never know a person might not be able to do so. In today’s times, it’s a rare scene where a parent will not think of getting his/her child vaccinated. If you are one of those who think a healthy child need not get vaccinated, think again! Your child might be healthy according to his age but still not be able to fight the effects of the diseases. Vaccination is important as it provides prevention before the disease strikes. In fact a healthy child will be in a better condition to allow a vaccination perform better. Another important factor to note is the timing of vaccinations and the growing age of kids. The health of kids varies on a large scale. He might be healthy at 2 or 4 years and might reduce on weight while he is 12 year old due to busy schedules. In such a case if you miss out on vaccinationsthat were important at the age of 4 years, you lose out on your child’s health as vaccinations are subject to a certain schedule and timings. A time gap is also required to monitor whether a vaccination causes or does not cause any side effects on your child’s health. Vaccinations are imperative irrespective of your child’s health. If not healthy your child is highly protected with the help of vaccine and if healthy the vaccine even performs better. So it is advised not to risk the future of your child’s health and to undertake vaccination I a timely manner.