Asylee Status – Tips to Help You File the Petition


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Aug 23, 2012
US immigration can be derived in different ways. You can consult a lawyer if you are in confusion. Asylum status is one of the ways that can help you get green card of USA. However, this green card is not for everyone. Everyone cannot ask for the asylee status. You need to match the criteria to get the status. It is important that you fear going back to your country due to political reasons. If this is true and you can establish this, you will be able to file the petition for asylee status. Once you are granted the status, you will be able to file for green card for permanent residency within a year. However, without legal assistance this may not be possible as immigration law of US has become complicated with time. To deal with the immigration law, you need to have assistance from a competent asylum immigration lawyer. According to the immigration theory, you don’t need to apply for the green card right away. Yet, any competent lawyer will tell you to do exactly that to serve your purpose without complications. However, sometimes the petition gets dismissed even when the reason for fear is valid. This occurs when the situation back at your country changes. You may no longer have any reason to fear for your life if you return to your country. When situation changes like this, you may get asked to return to your country. Sometimes a transformation takes place within the US and you may fail to meet the criteria of the asylee. In this situation also, your petition may get dismissed. Eligibility You need to talk to a competent immigration attorney in Maryland to gather information about this. You need to qualify for the status. Without matching the criteria, you are not capable of obtaining the status. You need to be present in the US, if you want to obtain the green card. You need to be physically present in the country without ever leaving for more than a couple of months. Even if you have to leave, you should ask your lawyer about this. Do not ever leave US during the process. You need to meet the criteria of an asylee. If you are the spouse or a child of an asylee, you can also be able to file the petition for permanent citizenship. Abandoning your asylee status will get you into trouble. If you ever do that, you will have to leave the country as your petition will be dismissed forever. If you have resettled in some other country, you may get deported from US as your petition will be dismissed without delay. You will also lose your asylee status. You need to have a clean record and will be admissible in the US. If you do anything and become inadmissible, you may apply for a waiver. However, that will take time to come to an effect. It is better to maintain a clean record. Process of Application You need to find the form that defines your situation. Your lawyer may help you pick it up. Filling out this form properly is important. You will have to pay certain amount of application fee as well. Mark Monaco is a legal consultant. He works alongside the immigration lawyers. Here he explains the complications regarding asylee status and how a competent asylum immigration lawyer will be able to help you obtain the status.