Benefits of an Ozone Generator for Pools


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Aug 24, 2012
Using chlorine and other chemicals in your pool is not only costly, but damaging to the environment and irritating to those who use your pool. Fortunately, there is a solution. An ozone generator helps you keep the water in your swimming pool clean using naturally occurring atoms to take out the bacteria and bad odors. Find out more about an ozone generator for pools when you click here. What Is Ozone? Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule with three oxygen atoms. Normally, oxygen atoms come in combinations of two. This third atom makes the molecule unstable, and it tries to find something to attach itself to. It looks for other unstable molecules and essentially neutralizes them by hooking up with bad odors or bacteria. The leftover oxygen molecule dissipates into the air, making ozone an excellent oxidant, much like bleach, only without the bad smell and chemicals. Ozone is the second most powerful oxidant known, the first is fluorine gas. Ozone is 3,000 times more powerful than bleach, and it is used in sanitation and mold remediation all over the world. One of the biggest advantages with ozone is that there are no residual chemicals left over when you’re through. It attacks soil and dirt as soon as it comes in contact with them. Benefits of Ozone in the Pool Even though your pool requires more ozone than your drinking water, there still is no discernible odor, taste, or color in the quantities that are needed to neutralize it. Ozone purifies water very quickly, and there are no byproducts left over except oxygen. For over 30 years, the Olympic competition pools have been kept clean with ozone. Ozone does not affect the pH level in your pool, which is another way you reduce the use of chemicals in the pool. Ozone reduces the need for chemicals by 90 percent, which is better for the skin and eyes of those in the pool. Remember that the humidity in the air and temperature of the water will affect your ozone usage. Inform the technician about your pool requirements before installation. People will be able to swim underwater and open their eyes without that burning sensation. Ozonated water sparkles in the sunlight, which makes your pool look even more spectacular and inviting. Ozone is effective on both organic and inorganic materials, an additional benefit of maintaining your pool. Choose an Ozone Generator for Your Pool An ozone generaotr for pools installs into your system so that there isn’t any other work once it is up and running. You will need to inspect the components to insure water quality, and the filter should be replaced at regular intervals. Ozone generators for pools are less maintenance than chemicals, but as with all moving parts, you do need make sure they are working correctly and efficiently. Look for an ozone generator that meets the size of your pool. Make sure that all of the connections are appropriate for ozone use, as it does corrode metal and nylon tubing. PVC pipes are ozone-resistant, and most pools do come with this material. You can have a beautiful pool with the right equipment, choose and ozone generator to save money and time.