Benefits of Implant-Stabilised Dentures


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Aug 30, 2012
A number of problems are caused by the loss of natural teeth. Aside from the embarrassing condition of being toothless, there is also the discomfort of having no teeth especially when eating or chewing on food during meals. Tooth loss also leads to the deterioration of the jawbone, since the tooth roots that stimulate the bone structure have also been lost along with the natural teeth. Removable dentures provide quick solutions for the replacement of missing teeth; however, their removable nature will be the source of problems with long-term use. Dentures that are used for a long time will eventually become ill-fitting. The once tight-fitting dentures will gradually become loose with the passage of time, and will start to move uncontrollably inside the mouth. This denture loosening is a result of the jawbone deteriorating as time goes by. The tooth roots that were once responsible for stimulating the jawbone are lost with the natural teeth; since the dentures do not address this tooth root loss, the bone underneath will experience thinning and will deteriorate even more with time. As the jawbone becomes thinner, the removable dentures will become loose without the once healthy structure providing support underneath. Implants can be used to stabilise dentures so that problems with ill-fit can be solved. The dental implants are embedded into the jawbone, and will provide a firm anchor where the dentures can be attached to. Implant-stabilised dentures will not move inside the mouth in an uncomfortable manner, since they are firmly attached to the jawbone by way of the implants. The patient will not have to suffer the pain of having the dentures incessantly rubbing against soft inner mouth parts, which can cause the development of mouth ulcers. Eating and chewing on food can be done comfortably even after tooth loss, when dentures are held in place with dental implants. Implant stabilised dentures offer a confidence boost to those who have previously suffered from missing teeth. The implants and teeth replacement make it possible to speak clearly and normally again after losing natural teeth. Without worries that the teeth restorations will suddenly fall out from inside the mouth with the slightest movements, a patient will feel more confident in any situation with the help of dental implants. Jawbone deterioration can also be stopped or prevented from happening altogether with the help of the implants, which take on the role of stimulating the jawbone to maintain the healthy bone quality. Implants in London provides dental implants and outstanding service. If you are looking for dental clinics using the keyword dental implants London, visit: We provide clinically tested quality German and Swiss dental implants at affordable prices. We offer single missing tooth replacement to full mouth implants for those with many missing teeth or are in need of a complete new smile.