Bi-Fuel GMC Sierra to Come in 2015


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Aug 25, 2012
The GMC Sierra pickup truck is loved by many drivers for its power, luxury and class; not to mention reliability, as the GMC name has been one to trust for many years. With the towing capacity and payload this truck produces, it’s no wonder why the Sierra has become a number one choice for those that need a truck for work or play. The GMC Sierra is durable enough for every day wear and tear, and comfortable enough for off-roading or traveling in extreme weather conditions. One downside of pickup trucks in the past; including the GMC Sierra, has been the poor fuel economy. Pickup trucks are notorious for guzzling gas down, and as gas prices continue to rise, this can be a problem for your pocketbook and the environment. So far, only smaller cars have been given the technology to improve fuel economy. However, GMC has been working on a solution to this, and the 2015 GMC Sierra Bi-Fuel may just solve the problem. Using the dual tank technology GMC is putting into place, the 2015 GMC Sierra Bi-Fuel will boast a travel range of 650 miles. The truck will combine one tank used for conventional gas, with another used for compressed natural gas (CNG). When the regular fuel is exhausted, the CNG tank takes over, allowing you to have extremely long travel times without having to refuel. The grouping of a conventional gas tank with a CNG tank is a breakthrough in the automotive industry for pickup trucks. The payload and towing capacity with a CNG tank remains the same as with regular petroleum gas tanks, though the pickup is now much more environmentally friendly. CNG is one of the cleanest-burning alternative fuels available. When compared to gasoline combustion, vehicles powered by CNG average a reduction of 80 percent in ozone-forming emissions. CNG is renewable and comes in the form of biomethane. Overall, the new 2015 Bi-Fuel GMC Sierra proves to be an excellent alternative to the normal gas guzzling pickup truck. With CNG, you can help do your part in preserving the environment, while leaving some extra cash in your wallet by doing so. With the use of dual fuels, you have the flexibility to switch between two different types of gas; and the long range capacity to make long distance trips with ease. Enjoy less frequent stops and faster travel times, keep tight schedules and enjoy the open road more freely. Beck Masten South has the largest inventory of lift accessories and extreme trucks in South Houston. Whether you’re looking for a standard suspension lift truck or head-turning Moto Metal rims, we’ve got everything you need. If you are searching for Buick dealers in Houston using the keywords Buick dealer Houston or Buick Houston, visit our dealership today.