Bladder Cancer – Causes and Treatment


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Sep 17, 2012
A hollow muscular organ that is situated in the pelvis inside the body is called the bladder. This organ is responsible for holding urine. Any malicious growth found inside the bladder is bladder cancer. Though this sort of cancer is not a common one, it can be as deadly as other forms of cancers. Cancer in the bladder can lead to the growth and development of many abnormal cells going beyond control. No research claims that this sort of cancer is inherited. So what actually causes this condition? How do we treat them effectively? Read on to find out. Causes: Some of the core causes of bladder cancer are smoking, and exposure to many chemicals like benzidine in the workplace. It is found that smoking is the most obvious factor for many of the bladder cancer cases seen around. Smoking for decades, leads to the deposit of Carcinogens in the lungs. These chemical will pass into the bloodstream that are filtered by your kidney and blends with the urine. This urine contaminated by the chemicals, when stored in the bladder can cause abnormalities in the bladder cells causing cancer. Apart from smoking, other harmful chemicals can lead to bladder cancer namely aniline dyes, xenylamine, benzidine, o-oulidine, 4-Aminobiphenyl that are prominent in the manufacturing industries. People employed in the manufacturing industries such as textiles, paints, plastics, leather tanning etc. are prone to this disease. Treatment: i. The common diagnostic method for bladder cancer is cystoscopy, wherein the bladder is initially inspected with a telescope type device. Surgery is the most preferred treatment adopted by doctors today to alleviate cancer in the bladder. Prior to surgical treatments, the state of cancer will be analyzed. ii. If the infection is found in the lining of the bladder, intra-vesicle pharmacotherapy is suggested. Here a liquid drug is injected into the bladder that can help the immune system to attack the cancer cells, else chemotherapy is performed. iii. Chemotherapy is another alternative that can be given with or without radiation therapy that is capable of kill cancer cells. Different doctors provide treatment for bladder cancer. They include Urologists specialized in urinary system treatments, Radiation Oncologists who treats cancer with radiation therapy, and Medical oncologists who undertakes chemotherapy for cancer treatments. Bladder cancer cannot be taken lightly as it’s apparent that it is life-threatening. However, taking some precautions like quitting smoking and lesser exposure to harmful chemicals can put away this from impacting our health. The author has written various articles and blogs about cancers and cancer treatments for many years. The article explains about the causes and treatment methods adopted for cancer in the bladder. Read to know more.