Boogie On The Track


Aug 22, 2012
James Smith Jr p.k.a Young Boogie a.k.a Young Boog or just Boog is an up and coming Hip/Hop, Rap artist hailing out of the Great Lake State of Michigan. Born in Detroit, MI raised in Ypsilanti, MI raised a majority of his life by his mother who worked steadfastly to instill in him the principles of hard work and determination. James began his journey into the music world at the age of 12 years old listening to various rap artists whom at the time he lacked knowledge of who they were, but intrigued by the magic they were creating in song format. He later discovered such artist as Ice Cube,Dr Dre,Easy E,and Tupac the list goes on and on them are to name a few. At the age of 16 years old James began to understand more of the formula into creating a rap song other than making words rhyme over a nice instrumental. From that point on James began writing and working on material he could call his own creation turning it into more than what others call a hobby James considered hip/hop his craft. Putting more than enough time into his work until James felt he was able to feel he had earned his title as Hip/Hop artist. From that point James went on to record and participate in a number of projects Military Minds “Mind on Our Money” to name one as well as features on other local artist’s projects. His current project “BlackMaleTactics” will be his first solo project which is set to drop sometime in March or Mid April. The project has been rumored to be on the streets what they call “That A1 deal “I actually had the privilege of listening to sample tracks from the project and with so many to choose from if I had to say one that I enjoyed the most I would have to say “Back” granted all the tracks are pure fire I have to say Young Boogie is someone to be on the lookout for. I would describe him as well as his style of music as Creative, Entertaining, and One of a kind journey in his complex mind he is truly someone with a strong self-driven plan for success. Haters everywhere are praying this force does not collide with industry tools. Young Boogie is most definitely a rising force to watch for in the music game. WWW.BoogieOnTheTrack.Com