Breathing Exercises – How to Improve the Strength of Your Lu


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Aug 24, 2012
Breathing exercises are generally done to improve the health of the lungs and its capability to process the air in and out from your body. Breathing problems have become a big issue in the medical world, but with breathing exercises done on a regular basis the health of the lungs can be improved significantly. Asthma is one of the most common breathing problems, but with the help of effective breathing exercises it can be cured. Breathing is the base of the existence of humans and everyone is fully aware about proper breathing. Therefore there is a bigger possibility that a number of health problems related to lungs can be cured by proper breathing exercises. Different types of breathing exercises: Numbered Breathing: It is done by getting your body in the most comfortable position and keeping your eyes close. Then you need to inhale on the basis of counting numbers. In this type of exercise, you are supposed to breathe in different scales of time. For example, start by inhaling and exhaling after a second, then inhale and exhale after 2 seconds and keep on repeating the process until you reach the count of 10. Continue the process for some time and then once the count is completed, open your eyes slowly. Oriental Breathing: In this type of exercise, what you need to do is to inhale three short bursts of oxygen into your lungs. Ensure that you do not exhale until the three bursts are completed. Save the air in your diaphragm, every time the first burst is done and exhale only when all the three bursts of air are accumulated inside. This is one of the newest types of exercise that can help people in a number of different breathing problems. Rib Stretch and abdominal breathing: These are actually two different types of exercises, but are related to each other and can be easily done by combining them together. You begin by lying on your back and get into the most comfortable position. Keep your hands on the side of your waists, then start the process of breathing in a slow manner and expanding your lungs to the fullest. Once the air is trapped inside your lungs, start exhaling slowly from your mouth. Meanwhile keep on squeezing the abdominal muscles of your body. Deep Breathing: It is considered as one of the most common types of breathing exercise. In this type of exercise, you only need to breathe deeply for a few seconds and then exhale slowly either from your nose or mouth. Deep breathing is quite an easy exercise, which can be done while sitting, walking, in your school or workplaces and wherever you can think of. It is advisable that you should make it a habit of doing this exercise regularly as it can help to control and avoid a number of breathing issues. Apart from these easy exercises, you also need a strong will to overcome your health problems. A Physio can help you to overcome the breathing problems by suggesting various exercises. If you are searching for such a Physio, Crows Nest and Willoughby are the place where you will find an expert therapist.