Buy Instagram Followers


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Aug 20, 2012
are you like the rest of people who have signed up to instagram looking at ways you can take over your competitors and have more instagram followers and photo likes? if so then you need to be looking at all the different ways of building your followers, one way of doing this is to buy instagram followers for your page. so what are the things to look out for when looking to buy instagram followers ?  the first and most important thing to do it check the website out on all levels and email them to see if you get a response. see if they have online support and  try calling them if they have a phone number so you can verify that they are a real company that provides what you are looking for. you also need to make sure 100 % that they are providing real organic followers and or photo likes before you even think to buy instagram followers. this is very important because buying fake followers will do a number of things. 1-damage your image 2-could well suspend your account 3- lose you a lot of clients. how many followers should i look for when i buy ?  this is really down to you, my company specializes in making tables and chairs for businesses across the country.  what i normally do is always check out my competitor profiles to make sure i have more instagram followers and likes than they do. do not just do that you want to make sure you are above them on other social media services such as facebook fans and twitter followers, this will give you more credibility and will certainly put you above them.