Buy Selfie Stick Online To Capture Wonderful Images


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Aug 20, 2012
For all those who would like to capture their selfie’s in different angles with spectacular backgrounds can find the selfie sticks as the perfect solution as it gives them endless possibilities and independence to capture their images without the necessary of asking any stranger for help. Generally, selfies are taken with your mobile but holding it in your hand limits the distance and hence can only capture pictures only in the normal range of your hand and this is jinx is broken with the selfie stick for mobile that can extend your mobile up to 40 inches allowing you to be part of the group photos which otherwise is not possible. The selfie sticks are in fact an amazing invention to take group shots and snap pictures covering exciting backgrounds from the distance and click your desired picture. You can find many selfie sticks in the market but choosing one with good standards is very important for the best experience of using a selfie stick. You can actually lookout for the monopod Bluetooth selfie stick online that has a camera holder clamp with rugged spring action at one end and blue tooth camera button at the other end to click the picture. You can find the usb charger, Bluetooth on/off switch and flashing light that indicates paring of the phone to click your picture. You can also find the selfie stick foldable into compact model so that it can be easily carried around in your pocket. There is also an adjustable pivot action at the other end holding the camera to set different angles for you to take a picture. The phone selfie stick is easy to use which can also be handled by a kid as it is monopod and doesn’t have any small parts that need to be assembled, get lost or broken. The long battery life ensures you to take images even in remote locations without worrying about running out of battery. The selfie stick for mobile fits for all model phones whether it is android smart phones or iPhones with a free sling grip for you to click pictures. These selfie sticks generally cost around $8 and you can find many models in attractive colors and additional features that you can check out from the online stores that not only offers you a collection to choose but also guarantee on the product so that you can be sure about the quality and value for your money in buying the selfie stick online. Shop for selfie stick online from It is one of the leading selfie sticks for mobile in the market. You can easily take selfies by extending your smartphone beyond the normal range of your arm. It is kid-tough and comes with a lifetime warranty. To shop, please visit us.