Causes of Dental Implant Infection


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Aug 20, 2012
Dental implants bring back the healthy use and appearance of missing teeth. The implants are placed onto the jawbone and then connected to either dental crowns or a dental bridge to bring back healthy-looking, fully-functional smiles. The implants and the teeth replacements may be artificial, but that does not mean that they can be neglected – they still need to be taken care of properly to ensure that they last much longer, and to prevent any problems with their function and appearance. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, but they are still susceptible to infections (just like natural teeth and tooth roots). If proper care is not practiced, the implants can become infected and can fail, leading to complications which will be costly and complicated to treat. One of the main reasons why dental implants become infected is poor oral hygiene. Since the implants are artificial tooth roots, it may be easy to assume that they will not suffer from any diseases unlike natural teeth. On the contrary, the implants need the same care given to natural teeth. Regular and proper tooth brushing should be practiced to remove any food pieces on the surface of teeth and on the gum line. Dental floss should also be used to remove any stubborn debris left in between the teeth and the gum line. Dental checkups should be done regularly, so that the dentist can check the condition of the implants – and provide necessary any treatment before the problem can worsen. Infection of dental implants can also stem from the moment they are placed into the jawbone using a surgical procedure. If contamination occurred during surgery, the implant and then surrounding area may be compromised and may lead to implant failure soon after the implant placement. The quality of dental implants can also be the source of an infection. If the surgery uses low quality implants, they may not fit as snugly and perfectly into the jawbone. If there is a space between the implant and the jawbone, this space can easily be the breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The infection will become apparent soon after the surgery, and may lead to the failure of the implant. The size of the teeth replacements that are attached to the implants may also be cause of infections. If a dental crown or a dental bridge does not fit correctly and tightly when connected to the implants, the space created can attract bacteria that encourage the development of implant infections. Dr Azhar Sheikh, founder of Life Dental Implants, is one of the UK’s most experienced dentists specializing in implant treatments. His unique approach to dental implant treatments takes into account not only your teeth, but your overall well-being as a person. Whether you are looking for cheap dental implants, dental implants Victoria or just want to know dental implants cost, visit our clinic today.