Cerebral Palsy & Birth Negligence Claims Increases Despite f

Sep 12, 2012
In this article, various diseases and causes are discussed, which contribute in the increasing of birth negligence claims. Some are natural and some negligence are due to unavoidable circumstances. Diseases and injuries are common in almost all types of people, which are caused naturally or by mistakes of other people. In hospitals, doctors are too busy to give proper attention to most of the patients in short time. So they cannot properly check their patients and negligence is likely to be done there. During the checking of the pregnant women and further ongoing treatment, negligence can be done at any stage. The doctors and staff also become more negligent with the passage of time, which is main reason of the increasing in number of birth negligence claims in courts. In developing countries, the number of birth negligence claims is more as doctors and concerned make more mistakes and careless in their duties. There are various diseases, which are developed due to negligence of doctors or labor room staff. These diseases constitute broken collar bone, cerebral palsy, hip dysplasia, umbilical cord problems, hypoglycaemia, ruptured placentas, shoulder dystocia, still birth and various others. These problems develop into many other physical and mental problems, which are incurable or take long time to recover. The negligence of doctors is increased so birth negligence claims are also increased. As most of the people know that huge expenses are occurred on the birth of the child along with expensive medicines, which most of the people cannot afford so they borrow money from other. On failure of birth of child, they turn to court to file birth negligence claims. Although effective legislation is also carried out to overcome this situation, yet the prevailing situation becomes worse and creates atmosphere for huge number of birth negligence claims. Actually in most of the countries, the doctors do the mistakes during the treatment of the patients or medical staff does not take care of their patients and in most birth negligence claims, they are not treated harshly or give them warning to be careful in future while providing treatment to the patients. The health department has to pay the compensation amount after losing the birth negligence claims in the court. The government has to pay huge amount in all negligence cases during the year and this amount is increasing every year despite taking various measures for proper medical treatment to the patient. Birth injury is happened at the time of birth of the child. During delivery, the baby has to face the birth injuries due to their health and excessive weight and the legal firms pursue this special area to file the Birth Negligence Claims In UK, about 3% babies have to face the birth injuries despite of latest technology and equipments as well as mothers of these children have to face similar problems due to more weight of their babies. This situation leads to