Child Birth Trauma and Birth Negligence Claims Shows Grave I


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Aug 20, 2012
We have discussed various aspects of the birth negligence as how it is done and what types of mistakes cause problems and what are their impacts on the life of both baby and mother. Most of the mothers have to go through trouble during birth of their babies but in the end this will be rewarding moments for mothers and their families. The medical staff tries to provide full medical care to the women but mothers have to face some problems during birth of their child. The negligence of the staff at this time leads to some diseases and complications, which resulted in permanent disability and face birth negligence claims in courts. Lack of oxygen during or after birth can cause the brain injuries, which indicate the negligence of medical staff and serious cause of birth negligence claims. These brain injuries can be resulted into permanent paralysis of body parts and prevent him to talk and walk in their lives. If the baby is fat or has excess weight then the labor staff tries to pull the baby out from the uterus of mother during delivery and receive damage in shoulder, which is mistake of labor staff and leads to birth negligence claims. This exercise can create problems for both mother and baby and paralyze other parts of body also. In this way, the chances of birth negligence claims are also increased. There are risks in both caesarean section and the vaginal delivery and we also cannot ignore the human mistake. Both deliveries may leads to some injuries or problems to the baby as well as to the mother. The human mistake while carrying out deliveries can lead the patients to the court for lodging birth negligence claims. The caesarean section of mother may lead to problems for both mother and baby. In caesarean section, the baby has to face some cuts or problems and mother has to face trauma. This trauma during birth can lead to the internal damage and there may be some infection. These damages can be claimed in the court through birth negligence claims.  The vaginal delivery has few risks but during pregnancy while pulling baby through uterus, creates injuries and affected patient ask for compensation of birth negligence claims. Birth trauma is common mistake, which can be done by most of the doctors or medical staff and injuries or damage caused for trauma can be challenged for birth negligence claims. The injuries caused by trauma, which are long lasting, have grave impacts on the lives of both mother and child resulted into Birth Negligence Claims. Now science has developed and various machines are provided in the hospitals to do the ultrasound of pregnant women and also provide them suitable medical treatment to the women. On the other hand, the lack of attention of staff including doctor creates problems and the defective cases are finalized in the court as Birth Negligence Claims To avoid loss of time and tension, some cases are settle outside of the court with the mutual consent of responsible staff and the affected patients.