Choosing the Best Home Care for the Elderly


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Sep 13, 2012
If you have an ageing member of your family, a time will come when you will make one of the most important life decisions. Unfortunately, this is a decision that will be on the loved one’s behalf. This is because as the person grows older, he/she is not able to make sound decisions as previously. You must decide whether to keep such relatives at home and look after them or admit them to a facility that has good elder care service. This can be a difficult decision for many people. No one wants to see a beloved member of the family living in an institution. For some, this may be too much to bear so they take care of the elder themselves. However, this may be an expensive endeavor. The elderly have many special needs; therefore, you need time, energy and money in addition to your other responsibilities. Dispensing care at home using a trained caregiver is better than doing it yourself. This has its pros: Personalized Care: Different elders have different needs. A person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease needs handling differently from a normally ageing person. He needs the best Alzheimer care. With this care at home service; the caregiver devotes all his time in assisting the elder.
Relationship building: The care provider will usually develop a relationship with the elder. Familiarity builds trust, which in turn makes care giving easier.
Affordable: Affordable home care is possible if you choose to keep family member close to you. You can choose to do some things for him or her and pay for only specific services provided by the caregiver. Many argue that home care service makes the senior overly dependent on the caregiver. If you do not find this service convenient, you may consider an elder care service facility. Here, the elderly enjoy the following services. The care providers accompany the elderly for appointments, for instance going to a place of worship or to a barber. They make observation for any improvements or developments in the elderly. They ensure that the elderly have eaten the appropriate diet and as many times as the doctor has advised. They prepare and facilitate recreational activities for the elderly (T.V, board games, sports, etc.) They administer prescribed medication. They make sure that the elderly live in a clean environment. They launder their clothes; vacuum their floors and other housekeeping duties. They assist the elderly that are bed ridden in managing personal hygiene. They monitor the vitals of the elderly (blood pressure, weight, heart rate, etc.) If you want your loved one to enjoy the best care, then the elder care service would be your best bet. It ensures that the elderly is cared for in the best way but not in a way that will make them overly dependent on the caregiver. If home care is expensive or the elder care institution is far from your neighborhood, there is a better option.  You may look for a board and care service where you live. It usually gives the elderly a ‘home away from home’ experience because they are fewer in number compared to an elder care institution. However, they have to share the available space and amenities. Some may not like this lack of privacy. They also do not have scheduled recreational activity. You may choose to take your loved one to an assisted living facility if he/she is unable to take care of him/herself. This facility is less personal than other types of facilities. However, there is an assurance that your loved one will get great care. Whatever facility you choose for your loved one, make sure that it will allow him/her to enjoy what has remained of a life well lived. Antony T. Cruz is the author of this article on home care.
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