Cleaning the Fuel Pump Filter


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Sep 5, 2012
Fuel filters are designed to prevent dirt or impurities in the gas from reaching the vehicle’s engine. A soiled fuel filter is not persuasive at removing impurities and dirt from the diesel or gasoline supplied to the engine. A blocked fuel pump filter will cause the engine to pull out periodically, particularly at high speeds and it may halt altogether. Overtime, this result in added wear that brings down the life of the vehicle. The smallest impurity can clog a carburetor or fuel injection line, and learning how to clean the fuel filter can keep your vehicle function at its best. Steps involved in cleaning the fuel pump filters 1. Trace back the fuel line from the carburetor or fuel injector to find the fuel filter. It is usually a small plastic or metal canister placed into the line. 2. In case, if the fuel pipe leads away from the engine to the fuel tank, you may have an electric fuel pump. Often that is placed at the back of the car or immersed into the tank. Disconnect the battery before overhauling an electric pump because an accidental spark can ignite spilled out petrol. 3. In case of mechanical pumps, by using flat-head screw driver and hose clamps, shut the fuel line off from either side of the fuel filter. The fuel in the fuel line may be under high pressure. So, better wear safety glasses to protect against spraying vapors. 4. Place a vessel/jar under the fuel filter and dis-join the hose clamps that join the hose to the filter. 5. As the clamps are loosened, pull the hose off the fuel filter and dump off any excess into the jar. When the filter is free of hoses, empty any gas in the filter into the jar as well. 6. Spray the fuel filter on either side with injector or carburetor cleaner and tap it against any hard surface to knock down the debris. 7. Repeat the process until the fuel filter is in acceptable condition. 8. Make sure that the sealing gaskets are good. Replace them if necessary. 9. Set the filter aside, allow it to dry and then reinstall it. If the filter shows any perforations or cracks you may have to replace it. Safety tips 1. Fuel filters are one of the most crucial yet most affordable parts of a vehicle to replace. If you don’t feel that you have adequately cleaned your fuel filter, buy a replacement. 2. While removing the filter from the fuel lines, wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from gasoline spray. If gasoline comes in contact with your skin or eyes, wash the area immediately and seek medical attention. 3. Do not over-tighten the screws of the pump cover while reinstalling else it will leak and damage the pump. If the knob engaging the glass dome is overtightened, the dome may ultimately break. Fuel filter should be cleaned at regular intervals according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule provided in the vehicle’s manual. Though it is a very simple task to do, you must be extremely cautious because of the gas that is in the lines to the filter. Follow these tips to keep the job safe, clean, and simple. Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems is the leading aftermarket supplier of mechanical and electric fuel pumps and modular reservoir assemblies (MRA). For over 50 years, the Airtex brand has been the benchmark of fuel delivery and cooling system components. Airtex fuel pump is an OE replacement pump. Airtex electric fuel pump and mechanical pump models are available for old and new cars.