Conscious Sedation – Helpful for Nervous Patients


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Aug 28, 2012
Nervous patients find it stressful to go to a dentist for a dental checkup, and will find it even more difficult to go through a dental treatment. This fear of dentists makes it challenging for anxious patients to get the proper dental care that they need, and often results to neglected oral health. There are patients who will choose to delay going to a dental appointment until such time when pain or discomfort can no longer be tolerated, rather than go to regular dental checkups that will expose them to fear and anxiety. The genuinely caring manner of a dentist will do wonders in easing the fears of a nervous patient. Making the patient more comfortable with a soothing dental clinic atmosphere can also decrease the level of anxiety prior to, and during a dental treatment. While a local anesthetic ensures that the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure, nervous patient care options are also available to help anxious patients in having their dental treatments without going through a traumatic experience. Conscious Sedation to Help Nervous Patients Conscious sedation is one of the nervous patient care options offered nowadays to help those with dental fear. The sedative is administered through an intravenous (IV) line that goes to the top of the hand, or the crook of the arm. As the sedative takes effect, the patient will feel completely comfortable and relaxed, without worries about the treatment that is about to be undertaken. The patient will remain conscious throughout the procedure under conscious sedation – he or she will still be awake to follow the dentist’s instructions, but will just have a general sense of well-being about the treatment. A strong gag reflex can be controlled with the help of IV sedation, so the treatment can proceed without exposing the patient to too much discomfort from a strong gag reflex. Conscious sedation also aids the dentist to be able to concentrate more fully on the treatment at hand, and not worrying too much about the well-being and comfort of the nervous patient. After the effects of the sedative wear off, the patient will not remember any unpleasant parts of the procedure. Patients who have dental fear will not have to deal with memories involving the uncomfortable parts of the treatment, so that their anxiety will not be increased with the idea of going through another dental procedure. There will only be a sense of well-being even after the procedure is finished, with the help of conscious sedation. IS Dental Care in Kentish Town offers high-quality, affordable dental treatments by experienced dental professionals. You will enjoy excellent dental health care and genuinely caring customer service. If you are looking for a dentist, using the keywords Kentish town dental centre or dentist Highgate, visit