Cookie Recipe | Vegetable biscuits for children


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Sep 7, 2012
My baby is a big boy, and she does not eat well. I told his mother used to plant cookies for her when she was small, to take in the diet. So my daughter to feed her daughter for food factory cookies now. The concept is simple. Just use your favorite cookie recipe and add a can of mixed vegetables, drained, and you have to plant the cookies. The kids love it! You can even puree the vegetables you like and add to the recipe. Another suggestion is to add a few points up or mashed carrots to the recipe. I would like to reduce the sugar to make them more nutritious. You can use raisins or cranberries to make super nutritious. You can only think of the relief you need to know your baby or child is something to eat something nutritious like fruit cake? You can serve at each meal is so nutritious. For dessert, add a bit of candy or chocolate chips to mixture and bake cookies dillyitious sweet! In some recipes you may want to use less oil if the vegetables are pureed. Use recipes sugar cookies or oatmeal cookies. You can also add fruit and muffins. All you need is imagination to continue using these nutritional aspects in mind. Sit back and enjoy watching your child eat and grow this plant sweet dumpling. Please pass this on to your friends and family with children. We love you for it!