Cougar dating: Discovering the Secrets to Dating Older Women


Sep 14, 2012
Dating with cougars has become an acceptable scenario in today’s generation especially in more open and modern countries. If you are interested in cougar dating (a hot woman who is older than you by several years), then you should remember that not all of them are just looking for a young sexual partner. The majority of them are actually in the lookout for real relationships. If you have plans of dating older women, then you should exercise extreme caution. You should also keep in mind that some of them have little patience when it comes to understanding the troubles of the youth. Because of this, it is necessary for you to remember the following tips when dating to increase your chances of capturing the interest of a cougar: 1. Know exactly what you want from your potential relationship with an older woman. Keep in mind that there are basically 2 types of cougars. The first one is the alpha which refers to sophisticated and intelligent women  The second one is the beta who seems to be in the lookout for a young man who can make them feel more complete. If your decision to date a cougar stems from your desire to impress friends, then go for the alpha. But if you are open to the idea of having a serious relationship with someone who is older than you, then you can choose to date the beta. 2. Show your maturity. You should remember that age is not the only factor that determines maturity. You can find teenagers who are already capable of making mature decisions due to their life experiences. If you want to impress older women, then you have to show them that despite your age, you still have a broad insight and admirable wisdom. You have to show your date that you are a responsible and mature individual capable of effectively handling stress, work, friends, finances and any other areas of your life. You should also show your date that you have the ability to properly balance things since this indicates that you have a higher level of maturity. 3. Be spontaneous. Younger men tend to have more energy to explore and learn new things before they settle down and a lot of older women find this spontaneity and love for adventure appealing. A young man’s adventurous spirit is often contagious, making an older woman feel thrilled about the idea of exploring life together with their newly found young partners. This is the main reason why you need to be spontaneous and adventurous if you plan to capture the interest of a cougar. 4. Avoid labels. This means that you should avoid referring to your date as a cougar. Remember that there are still plenty of women who find this label offensive so be careful. 5. Look for someone who matches your expectations. Whether you decide to date an older woman for fun or to establish a more serious relationship, it is crucial for you to look for someone who perfectly meets your interest and expectations. Before starting to date, you have to determine your own relationship expectations. This can prevent you from dealing with a lot of pressure when dating a cougar. Incoming search terms: secrets of dating older women cougar women in dubai how to get an alpha cougar cougar lady dubai cougars women in dubai Secrets of dating older women!