Creating Dynamic and Eye-Catching Websites with PHP Developm


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Aug 31, 2012
PHP is a server side scripting language used for developing dynamic websites and web applications. This script language was wrote by Rasmus Lerdorf and named it Personal Home Page. He used this script language to track visitors to his website. Eventually, he wrote advanced scripting language that supports server-client connection and to create contact forms. Over the years, Personal Home Page acronym was dropped and it named as PHP Hypertext. This programming language is used to create wide range of web applications like personal websites, e-commerce applications, web portals, discussion forums, blogs, etc. Here are some advantages of learning PHP language. PHP is an open source web development technology available for developers to develop multiple web pages having responsive contents and database support. Developers also get technical support from community developers and constantly improving PHP functionalities. PHP is available for use at free of cost, under PHP general public license  and supports required software like MYSQL, Apache Server, Text Editor, etc. Compared to other programming language, PHP is less abstract, lower level and more transparent. With this scripting language, you can create dynamic and highly responsive websites with ease. This technology is very flexible, cross platform support and offer great benefits to the PHP developers. PHP provides great compatibility with most of operating systems and web servers. The applications developed on PHP can be deployed in various operating systems such as Windows, OpenBSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, etc. You can also enjoy great capability on leading web servers like Apache, IIS, iPlanet etc. Several complicated web development task can be easily performed using PHP. You can design small websites to great business and ecommerce portal, informative forums, CRM solutions, chatting platforms, community websites, shopping carts and massive database driven websites. Being an open source programming languages, you can make use of large libraries and extensions to extend the core features of PHP. Developers are allowed to modify source code and create new web applications without any restrictions. PHP is very popular and mostly used web development technology among the web developers. This powerful server side scripting language is used to develop highly responsive website. Being an open source scripting languages, it is popular choice among the web developers. This programming language is loaded with extensive features and functionalities for developing rich web applications that works on all desktop and mobile operating systems. Flexible, versatile and cross platform support is major advantage of PHP server side scripting languages. Websites developed using PHP programming language is fast loading, easy navigation and SEO friendly. As per recent survey, about 80% of websites and rich applications are created using PHP. Web developers with PHP programming language has huge career opportunity in web development industry. PHP training from leading training institute assist you to get lucrative career in leading IT industry. FITA is one of the reputed training institutes offering PHP training in Chennai. We offer professional training on PHP technology through industrial experts with years of experience in web industry combined with practical session and real time project.