DCAL Computer Systems


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Aug 20, 2012
DCAL Computer Systems has been providing quality products and services for almost 20 years. Our goal is to furnish our customers with excellent systems at the best possible prices. Our customers receive clear and concise technical support that ensures the smooth operation of their businesses. We provide proprietary software solutions for Dry Cleaning and Laundrybusinesses. Our company is dedicated to offering quality hardware and support to accompany our DCALä Software. We also provide the Unikey PLC Access System for self-storage facilities. Unikey is also utilized in other kinds of business to control access into and out of any facility that requires a controlled point of access. Dry Cleaning And Laundry For the Dry Cleaning and Laundry businesses, we provide our namesake DCAL software. This software addresses potential and real problems the dry cleaning industry may experience, such as counter theft, inventory control, consistent pricing, legible tickets, accounts receivable customer information and numerous other issues. Unikey PLC Access Systems The Unikey PLC access system helps control and manage access in self-storage facilities, marinas, parking lots, apartments or correctional facilities.. Unikey technology can take security to the next level for almost any kind of facility that requires a controlled point of access.