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Aug 20, 2012
Last night, while updating my transactions on Mint, I saw an ad for Groupon’s version of the LivingSocial/Amazon deal. Groupon, in their second nationwide brand partnership, are offering $20 worth of merchandise at Barnes and Noble for $10. The only problem is that, while LivingSocial managed to handle their 80% traffic jump and sell over a million Amazon vouchers, Groupon is experiencing a “fail whale” situation at the login screen: This started at 10pm PST last night, and is STILL happening over 12 hours later. This is kind of a shock. And a disappointment. Groupon’s screen says that users can purchase the Groupon using their account emails, and it will be added to their accounts later. But I happen to have a $10 credit with Groupon from when my DealBucks were converted last week, and I would very much like to use that to purchase this deal. Furthermore, Groupon redemptions will be on hold everywhere until this login is resolved, because being unable to log in also means being unable to access existing Groupons. So now I’m waiting to find out: 1) When will Groupon be back up so I can download my voucher for cupcakes for a team meeting today?
2) How will this affect sales of this deal, and skew comparisons against LivingSocial/Amazon?
3) Is Groupon REALLY ready to run a $3M ad this weekend? If we’re getting the fail whale effect on Friday, will they be able to reap the benefits from the ad on Sunday?