Dell LTO Ultrium 3 Tape is a Smart Investment For Efficient


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Aug 20, 2012
In today’s diverse economic systems of the world, enormous quantities of virtual data is being fashioned on daily basis by various financial industries, public organizations and business enterprises, which continues to pose a serious backup storage challenge. The capacity of corporate data endures to expand at an astonishing rate, which due to limited data-center space coupled with reserved IT budgets has further intensified the data security challenges. Therefore it has become crucial for every organization to have a dependable backup storage and archival system. The ever growing need of effective data backup systems is reinforced by government and industry regulations which demand organizations to preserve the corporate data for longer time durations. Due to all the reasons mentioned above, organizations are clamoring for space efficient, cost effective, scalable and easy to use backup systems. LTO (Linear tape open) format overcomes all of these challenges at a very reasonable price. Also, since it is an open tape format, it provides clients the cost-saving multi-vendor interoperability. To make it more specific, let’s discuss a very prominent data backup system option available to customers, a Dell LTO3 tape system. Established dependability and higher eminence coupled with time- tested economical backup performance of Dell LTO-3 tape solutions has made it the leading choice of various IT managers throughout the world for the adamant backup storage needs. To be specific, Dell LTO3 tape, part number 0HC591, conveys exceptional value and consistency. Dell LTO-3 solution is well-suited to diverse setups including medium sized organizations, financial institutions, high end workstations, enterprise workgroups and small IT environments. Additionally, it is correspondingly well-suited for administration information systems, video applications and supply chain management systems. Fuji LTO3 tape, part number 15539393, is widely used in medium small companies. Dell’s extraordinary performance LTO 3 tape devices are intended to provision diverse and complex backup situations. In comparison to the LTO ultrium2 tape, the Dell LTO-3 tape offers 100% greater media storage volume; a handsome 800GB data can be effortlessly documented onto a Dell LTO 3 media tape. So the space demanding syndicates can house their massive quantities of business material onto a hand full of Dell LTO 3 tapes. Numerous Dell LTO3 drive replicas including LTO-3-080 (full height) and LTO-3-060 (half height) provides excellent compatibility with a wider range of business enterprises. The division of Dell LTO 3 drives in two different design architectures of full height and half height allows users to easily connect the drives to a diversity of computing environments and get the best out of their tape investments. The full height LTO 3 drives can attain 160 Mbps compacted data transfer rate, and the half-height offers 120 Mbps. With such exceptional data transfer speeds, the IT directors can placate the demands of time-critical applications and modern backup software. Dell Power Vault LTO3 drive offers the beneficial read compatibility with its preceding versions of LTO ultrium2 and LTO1 tape media. Furthermore, data can also be written onto LTO 2 media tape with Dell ultrium3 tape drive. This backward compatibility provides the added advantage of cost-effective migration to next LTO tape versions. Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets dell lto3 tape and Maxell 183850. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. Rob Miller
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