Dental Braces for Crooked Teeth in Adults and Children


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Aug 20, 2012
Crooked teeth issues cause numerous problems in both the appearance and the function of the teeth. Teeth that are improperly aligned have a negative effect on the appearance of a smile; regardless of how bright the teeth are, the smile will not be truly beautiful if it features teeth that are overlapping, have unsightly spaces, or are irregularly placed. Good oral hygiene is likewise difficult to achieve and maintain with misaligned teeth, since it is hard to keep teeth surfaces clean when they are not in a properly aligned position. Dental braces are used to provide solutions to crooked teeth problems, as this orthodontic treatment works in moving teeth into a straighter position. The use of braces is more commonly associated with children and individuals in their teenage years, as it is ideal to address crooked teeth problems in the earliest time possible – during the earlier years of one’s life. The treatment using orthodontic braces usually starts when all of the milk teeth in children have fallen out, and all the permanent teeth are already in place. Depending on the degree of teeth crookedness, the teeth straightening treatment can take a few years, and will be completed before the child reaches adulthood. Dental Braces for Adults
Orthodontic treatments are not only for children, though, as the teeth straightening treatments are also effective in improving the form and function of a smile in adults. However, adults who want to get their crooked teeth straightened may not be too keen on wearing traditional dental braces, as the obvious brackets and wires can cause embarrassment. As a result, some adults may forego the orthodontic treatment altogether. Dental braces for adults provide options for discreet teeth straightening, without the use of obvious metal wires of brackets. The use of these braces will benefit not only the aesthetic aspect of the smile, but will also work in improving the overall function of the teeth. Adult braces offer discreet parts, such as clear or invisible teeth aligners, which facilitate the straightening of crooked teeth without the obvious metal parts of traditional orthodontic treatments. There are also options for straightening only the front teeth, such as the teeth which are seen when one smiles. These teeth straightening treatments for adults make it possible for the affected (crooked) teeth to be moved into the desired position in a shorter period of time, without the need to wait for years for the treatment to be successfully completed. London City Smiles offers the widest choice of general, cosmetic dentistry dental implant treatments at surprisingly affordable prices. We also provide face, skin and lip treatments. Our dentists are specialized in complex dental implant solutions (for missing teeth). If you are searching for a dentist using the keywords, dentist Islington or dental implants London, visit our clinic today.