Dental Implant Treatment Stages


Nov 1, 2012
Missing teeth will bring a number of changes to a patient’s life. The healthy appearance of the smile is greatly affected even if one tooth goes missing, and this issue becomes magnified when more teeth are involved. A toothless condition makes one look much older than the actual age. On the other hand, normal tasks such as speaking, chewing, and eating will become challenging to do with the loss of natural teeth. Dental implants can put a stop to all of the problems caused by missing teeth. Implants are ideal replacements to lost natural teeth, and can make sure that the smile is improved functionally and aesthetically even after tooth loss. Deciding on going for implants is the first step towards restoring a healthy, natural-looking smile. However, some may not be too keen on going for implants because they do not know what to expect about the treatment, and about the implants themselves. Getting to know the treatment steps may help missing teeth patients with making more informed decisions about dental implants as missing teeth solutions. Even before the actual placement of the implants, there are a number of steps that a patient will go through. The usual steps prior to the placement of implants are: Initial Consultation – The initial consultation is the first opportunity for the patient and the dental implant dentist to become acquainted with each another. There are clinics that offer this step free of charge. The first consultation gives the dentist the chance to give the patient more information about the missing teeth problem, so that more detailed information about the available treatments can be given. Detailed Assessment – After deciding on getting implants, the patient’s medical and dental history will be assessed. This includes taking images of the teeth and the oral cavity through the use of dental X-rays, dental CT scans, and other diagnostic procedures that are necessary to determine the specific dental implant treatment to be used. The dentist will also show the patient what the treatment will look like after it is completed, to help the patient in visualising the improvements that the dental implants can bring. In case the patient is not suitable for a dental implant treatment, other alternatives will be given to address the missing teeth problem. Full Report and Consent – The patient will be presented with a detailed report, which includes: the treatment plan, available treatment options, various alternatives to the treatments, risks and benefits of the treatment, treatment schedule, and overall treatment cost. A full consent from the patient is needed before the treatment procedure can take place. Dr Azhar Sheikh, founder of Life Dental Implants, is one of the UK’s most experienced dentists specializing in implant treatments. His unique approach to dental implant treatments takes into account not only your teeth, but your overall well-being as a person. Whether you are looking for cheap dental implants, dental implants London or just want to know dental implants cost, visit our clinic today.