Dental Implants: Alternatives for Denture Wearers who Use Fi


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Sep 7, 2012
Dentures provide solutions for missing teeth problems, and replace both the form and function of natural teeth that have been lost. However, the long-term use of dentures is associated with problems regarding improper fit; this is because dentures have the tendency to lose their comfortable fit especially if they have been in use for a long period of time. Dentures will naturally become loose with the passage of time. The gums and the bony ridges of the jaw bone where natural teeth have been lost will gradually shift as the years go by; what were once comfortably-fitting dental appliances will start to become ill-fitting, and will start to move uncontrollably inside the mouth. The uncontrollable movement of these dentures inside the mouth leads to painful situations that may cause mouth sores to develop; loose denture problems can also cause embarrassment especially when the dentures fall out of the mouth completely when the denture-wearer eats, talks, or smiles. Denture fixatives used to be the most common way of securing loose dentures in place. The fixative works as an adhesive to create a seal between the dentures and the palate or the gums. Denture fixatives can also protect the gum tissues from excessive friction (from the ill-fitting dental appliances), so that the development of mouth ulcers or mouth sores can be prevented. Dental Implants as Alternatives to Denture Fixatives
Dental implants can secure loose dentures in a more permanent way, compared to the temporary adhesive power of denture fixatives. Mini dental implants can be used to fix ill-fitting dentures in place; these smaller-in-diameter (compared to the traditional ones) implants are embedded into the jaw bone, and then attached to the loose dentures to keep them firmly in place. The result is dentures that do not move around the mouth uncontrollably, as they are already anchored firmly to the jaw bone with the help of the dental implants. The adhesive power of denture fixatives last for only a few hours, and can be quite inconvenient to apply on a daily basis; mini dental implants, on the other hand, are permanently attached to the jaw bone and provide long-term security of the dentures. The pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of improperly-fitting dentures can be eliminated with the help of dental implants as alternatives to fixatives or adhesives. Mini dental implants are also beneficial for those whose jaw bone quality has deteriorated; these smaller diameter implants can be attached successfully without the need for a bone grafting procedure. Dental Implants Group in Victoria, Central London, UK provides dental implants and cosmetic dental treatments. Our dental implant professionals are trained to the high international standards. Here, you will be greeted by friendly, courteous and professional staff. If you are searching for professional dentists using keywords, dental implants London or dental implant London, visit our clinic today.