Dental Implants for a Few Missing Teeth


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Oct 1, 2012
Losing a few of teeth can have a more significant impact compared to losing just one tooth, yet the situation can also have an adverse effect similar to losing all the teeth. Depending on the location of the teeth lost, the appearance of the smile can become instantly unattractive – this is truer if missing teeth are located in front of the mouth. In cases when the lost teeth are located elsewhere in the mouth, this incident still poses a problem especially if the problem is not addressed immediately. The jawbone in the area can deteriorate if the tooth loss is not dealt with; the jawbone will become thinner over time, and will affect the overall appearance and function of the smile. A person who loses a few teeth will have difficulty speaking clearly, more so if the tooth loss area is again in front portion of the mouth. Biting on food items and chewing will also be a challenging, often painful task; this is because there is no other choice but to use the gums in the area to do the biting and chewing of food. The soft gum tissue is not designed to be used in such actions that involve a great deal of force, and can be injured in the process of chewing. The problem of a few missing teeth can effectively be solved with the help of dental implants. The implants are embedded into the area where the tooth loss occurred, and will form a stable base to where the dental restoration – such as a dental bridge or dental crowns – can be connected. The teeth replacement will permanently stay in place and will be designed to exactly match the rest of the teeth to give the patient a very natural-looking smile. The dental bridge or dental crowns are securely held in place by the implants, and as such will pose no problems with unwanted movement. Unlike removable dentures that have a tendency to move without warning, teeth restorations connected to implants are stable and safely in place, giving the wearer the peace of mind to do normal activities without worrying about teeth that move inside the mouth. Just like natural teeth, the implants and teeth replacements will feel very comfortable inside the mouth, since the crowns and bridge are custom-made to fit perfectly inside the patient’s mouth. Dental implants solve the loss of a few missing teeth by giving the patient a natural-looking, comfortable smile that is securely held in place. Dental Implant Group Clinic in London, UK provides dental implants and cosmetic dental treatments. Our dental implant professionals are trained to the high international standards. Here, you will be greeted by friendly, courteous and professional staff. Visit Dental Implant Group for implant treatments in London and book your complimentary consultation.