Dental Negligence Compensation Claims for Malpractice


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Aug 23, 2012
This article speaks about the dental negligence case as how it occurred and how you can deal with this dental negligence case through your legal solicitors. Dental negligence is occurred when any dentist committed a fault while carrying out treatment of the teeth of the patient. The dental negligence is of various kinds including uprooting of wrong tooth, orthodontics, damage to nerves and more. While performing the treatment of the faulty or painful and affected tooth, the dentist cannot provide proper treatment, which resulted into pain and suffering to the patients and they file the cases against the dental negligence compensation claims. A study has shown that the numbers of dental negligence compensation are increased in these years due to negligence of the dentists or their concerned staff. The factors of these dental negligence compensations whatever may be, but there is also progress being marked in the treatment of the teeth as new machineries and equipments are coming in the market and these are being used in the clinics and hospitals of dentists. All the dentists are recognized by the medical practitioners act, 2007 and they are bound to provide high standard medical treatment to the patients. If they fail to do so and any malpractice is occurred during the process of medical treatment of the patients, then patients are liable to lodge case of dental negligence compensation against the concerned dentist. The wrong treatment of the teeth of a patient by any dentist may lead to other infectious diseases like infection in the teeth, loss of teeth or developing of cancer in the mouth which are dangerous or fatal for the life of the patient. The affected patients or his heir can claim the dental negligence compensation claim in court. The court decides the dental negligence compensation claim keeping in view all aspects of the case, the medical record, opinion of the expert dentists and all other relevant materials. Dental negligence compensation cases are normally very complex and it is not easy to prove, so many times the Injury Board does not undertake these cases. In this situation, the patients should contact with the expert and registered legal firms to lodge the dental negligence compensation claims in the courts. Dental malpractice is carried out when inappropriate treatment is provided to the patients resulting into development of mouth ulcer or pain or negative impact, then it will be considered the wrong treatment provided by the dentist, which is liable to be claimed in the court for the Dental Negligence Compensation. As and when you feel that you are dealt with wrong treatment of your teeth, then you can ask your dentist by making written complaint and make record of your correspondence. Then you should contact with your legal advisor to seek guidance on this particular case. You should not delay in making complaint to the dentist or filing case in the court for Dental Negligence Compensation. As if you case is delayed for two years or more then you cannot file case in the court.