Dental/ Oral Health Care Trends For Dentists in Mumbai


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Sep 7, 2012
Best Dentists in India have commonly found that most dental problems centre around tooth decay, dental cavities and gum problems. While reasons do vary a lot across the country, it is found that improper care of teeth and abuse due to chewing of tobacco are common factors.  Most dental surgeries happen when cases are extremely acute. Infact, dentists in Mumbai complain that people only approach them when the problem goes out of hand, while dentists esp. those in rural areas feel that oral hygiene is the most neglected health area. A survey conducted by the Indian Market Research Bureau in 2012 revealed that Only 51 percent of people brushed their teeth with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Dentists in India esp. those from villages are also concerned because many people in rural areas still use their fingers, neem sticks or brick powder for cleaning teeth. Problems like bleeding gums or broken tooth is often ignored as people fail to understand the direct connection between their oral health and overall health. For instance, gum disease could also be a sign of diabetes. Diabetics are prone to have periodontal disease (a gum disease), if their condition is bad case of diabetes. However the dental practitioners from urban areas and metros see a shift in the dental treatments being availed. For instance, dental clinics in Mumbai often receive patients looking for complete dental makeover. It is not just dental braces, but also cosmetic dental surgeries. There are a lot of cosmetic dentists in Mumbai who are dealing with cases concerning dental realignment, teeth-filling, teeth whitening, crowing, gum reshaping as well as complete dental makeover. However, most dental clinics in Mumbai receive patients for dental implants and root canal treatment or RCT as it is commonly known. This indicates an increased awareness as opposed to that witnessed in tier 2 or tier 3 cities. An increasing trend amongst the mobile users is also to ask doctors online or book appointments via mobile or internet. Many dentists in Mumbai give online consultation which is now known for the convenience it offers. It is hoped that the increased dental awareness in and around Mumbai percolates other small towns and cities for a better oral hygiene of the country. To know more dentists in Mumbai or to ask a dentist, please check our website:
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