Different Causes of Sore Gums


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Aug 21, 2012
Sore gums Sore gums are unbearable. It is a very painful thing that will surely affect the performance of the daily activities of living. There is a need for education on the causes of sore gums to be able to know the things to get rid of so that this situation will not occur. Mainly, sore gums can be caused by trauma to the gums. As trauma is inflicted, the gums begin to swell as the normal process of the body tends to cause such. One physical trauma causing this is vigorous brushing. Once the gums are brushed too much, it creates a break which may then develop to sore gums. Using toothbrushes with hard bristles can also cause such. Sore gums can also be caused by improper dental hygiene. As bacteria tend to cover the mouth, it develops plaques which then causes sore on gums once there is a break that would develop. Once these bacteria stays on the mouth, it just waits for a chance for it to attack the gums and will then cause swelling. Fitting dentures is also one of the causes of sore gums. When dentures are fitted or braces are adjusted, the teeth tend to move which will then cause the gums to bleed and would cause a sore afterwards. Primarily, people with dentures and braces would feel this reaction after adjustment making this a normal thing to feel. Hormonal changes can also cause sore gums. Ladies with monthly menstrual flow are vulnerable to sore gums. If you have food allergies, chances are you will get sore gums. Allergies would trigger reaction on the part of the body affected. As first line of defense, blood flow will be concentrated on the area concerned. Sore gums would then occur. It can also be caused by ingesting acidic foods. Too much acid often cause the body to react. It hurts skin barriers too. This means that your gums are never saved. The smooth gum layers are vulnerable to the effects of acid. Sore gums will just fade away after a week. You could even barely feel the pain afterwards because it is self-limiting. In some serious cases though, it will last for up to 3 weeks. In most cases, it can be managed at home by soothing the area. However, when it is not healed after this, you should consult your doctor because it can be caused by some serious diseases. Now that you have the knowledge on the different causes of sore gums you will know what to get rid of in order not to feel this painful feeling. In some cases where it is inevitable, there is still a lot of soothing relief that you can get. Basically, this comes to be manageable as long as you are practicing good oral hygiene.  But why wait to have it when you have the choice to get rid of it?