Different Types of Badges Available For You to Choose From


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Aug 20, 2012
Name Tags for Getting Your Business Identified Name badges have now become affordable for everyone. But many people are still unaware of the real benefits in using a name badge. Some others use a name badge with out knowing the varieties of available tags, badges and their difference in impact. The reason for wearing a badge differs from one person to another. The use of badges was started in the police and military force, but now it is being used by many businesses and organizations throughout the world. Now we can make bulk orders of wholesale name tags with ease.  It is now offered in the form of credentials in some offices and clubs, where they can wear it as a special honor over there dress. The benefits in using a badge are manifold, but here we will be discussing about various types of badges which are available for us to use. The most common type of badge used by many are the button badge, these are very cool and trendy items. It is long since been used for promoting charities, bands, health awareness campaigns, and for promoting businesses. Button badges are usually small and they are round in shape. These types of badges are used to convey your message to the public with ease. The second type is the name badge. They can be made with materials like aluminum, plastic, brass etc. These name badges play a major role in initiating many business conversations within an organization. It also proclaims that you are a part of the team. Some companies make use of name tags for everyone entering their premises. Visitor name badges are distributed for guests who are at conferences and exhibitions. These badges come with printed or etched names on them or the name of the bearer can be easily added later. Visit our site for more information about wholesale name tags and window name badges. Enamel badges looks great in form and structure, they are usually used as employee recognition medals. It is made by stamping copper with a soft die and then adding acrylic enamel which can be added in different colors. These types of badges can easily be purchased in small quantities. Materials like metal and acrylic die can easily be color coated in different ways as you please. There are also hard enamel badges which is made with a metal that is heavier than that is mentioned above. After stamping the die into your preferred shape, color can be added with hot glass enamel. Visit now for more details. Metal badges with full color prints are highly recommended in situations were pictures are required to be added in the badge. The colors are added into the recesses after they are stamped. Highly priced badges can be made from metals like brass or nickel. In situations where bulk production is required, stainless steel and aluminum are good choice of metals. The window name badges with sand blasted technology will give you such high quality that they can be used as medals or jewelry. Reputed companies can offer you badges at low prices for an order of even a single unit.