Discreet Teeth Straightening with the Inman Aligner


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Sep 13, 2012
Orthodontic braces effectively straighten crooked teeth. However, adults may be hesitant in using these traditional braces since the metal parts can easily be seen whenever the mouth is opened. These metal wires and brackets also cause discomfort when they rub painfully against the gums, the tongue, and the soft inner mouth tissue. Adult front teeth can be straightened discreetly yet effectively with the help of the Inman Aligner. This orthodontic appliance uses a single clear wire which is almost invisible, and can easily be removed whenever the wearer wishes to do so. An Inman Aligner treatment is ideal for straightening the appearance of crooked top and bottom front teeth. How the Inman Aligner Works
The Inman Aligner features a lingual coil spring which is attached to the back part of the front teeth which need to be re-aligned for a straighter position. This lingual coil spring places pressure to the back portion of the teeth. A bar is positioned across the front part of the same affected teeth, reversing the pressure from the lingual coil spring positioned at the back. The teeth are moved into better alignment when they are squeezed by the pushing and pulling motion from the lingual coil spring at the back, and the bar at the front of the teeth. Benefits of Using the Inman Aligner
Discreet Teeth Straightening – The components of the Inman Aligner are barely visible, making it possible for the teeth straightening treatment to proceed in a very discreet manner. This orthodontic treatment option does not involve metal wires and brackets which can easily be seen by others. Quick Results – The Inman Aligner straightens crooked front teeth in an average treatment period of six to 16 weeks. There is no need to wait for years just to enjoy visibly straightened front teeth, which may be the case when traditional metal braces are used. Fitting the aligner usually takes two appointments lasting for approximately 30 minutes each time, and will be followed by monthly checkups lasting for about 15 minutes. More Comfortable Orthodontics – The spring used in this orthodontic system is made of nickel titanium, which is more comfortable to wear or use compared to the stainless steel parts of other orthodontic treatment options. Added Convenience – The Inman Aligner can easily be removed for added convenience. This means that the aligner can be removed before eating, or just before tooth brushing. Good oral health can be more easily maintained even during the orthodontic treatment, when using the Inman Aligner. Kensington Dental Practice offers latest treatments in dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, anti-wrinkle treatments dermal fillers. Our treatments include Invisalign, orthodontics, ceramic crowns inlays, sedation for nervous patients. If you are searching for a dental practice using keywords, dental implants London or cosmetic dentist London, visit us at http://kensingtondental.co.uk